False Flag Alien Invasion And Hologram Technology

A bizarre-looking cloud phenomenon occurred in the sky that had everyone in the area reaching for their phones as you can see in the video.

People filmed bizarre portal opening up in sky.

A bizarre sky portal opening up over city with light coming out.

Once upon a time, people would have probably run away at the sight but nowadays people will stand there even in mortal danger filming the event.

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That event on this day was supposedly a part of the sky collapsing or what looked like sky panels falling out like it was a sequel to the Jim Carrey movie The Truman Show!


You can't make this up guys it's one bizarre event after the other and even if it's some elaborate hoax that is being created one after the other it's the fact that people are doing it which makes it crazy.

Let's get into it.

The idea of a false flag alien invasion has captured the public's fascination for a while now, especially with this recent bizarre video showing a peculiar sky phenomenon resembling gaps where TV panels would have once been. Some have speculated that it could be a malfunction of the infamous Project Blue Beam, a supposed holographic weapon to usher in the second coming.

Seriously that's what people think is being ushered in and some seem to be connecting dots that might not even be there.

In this blog post, I'm going to explore the concept of false flag operations, and hologram technology, and hopefully provide a balanced perspective on the video. Look someone has to do it even though I have a lot of concerns myself about the new world order, controlling of the masses and "whatnot."

This just can't be a massive holographic screen part of something so large that it would take hundreds of years to build! It's just that simple. Is it holograms, lasers shot into the air with the ability to recreate whatever or create whichever suits the new world order? Coming from space, HAARP or CERN, doubtful but not impossible I mean I'm not going to dismiss anything but it just seems so far-fetched that maybe this is part of it, to seem so far-fetched that nobody would believe it?

That's a lot of questions about some serious issues and to be honest with you guys I genuinely don't know enough about the wilder and more sinister conspiracies. I try to stay away from the mind numbing "curtain twiching" conspiracies. It's not my bag so-to-speak which isn't a bad thing and while nobody likes to admit that they don't know enough about any given topic or specific genre (conspiracy in this case), that's not a bad thing too.

I couldn't possibly know everything about everything! Nobody can, it's impossible to know everything about every conspiracy, right. It's interesting to a point.

Now UFOs and timelines are a different kettle of fish. With nearly 2 decades worth of looking into UFO sightings and writing about UFOs every single day for as long as I can remember, then yes that too is another story altogether.

That's why I come straight to you guys on matters I don't know enough about because over the decades you've answered so much and shared your collective reasoning on lots of different things. Of course I'm going to come straight here when I find something else so bizarre and so interesting. That's better than any search engine and it's got the bonus of sarcasm, lol. Here's what I know about false flag operations such as Alien invasions:

Understanding False Flag Operations

False flag operations involve covert actions to deceive the public and attribute an event to a different party (beyond dishonesty). While they have occurred throughout history, claims of false flag alien invasions stretch the boundaries of plausibility.

Hologram Technology: Its Limitations

Hologram technology creates three-dimensional images using light wave interference. While impressive as we regularly see outside public events where this tech is revered, it remains limited in generating realistic and convincing full-scale alien invasions. Maybe that's why we haven't seen it yet who knows?

Project Blue Beam: Debunked Conspiracy

Project Blue Beam, an alleged holographic weapon, is a widely debunked conspiracy theory lacking credible evidence. Ushering in the second coming is as far as I understand impossible. Is it to control the masses, sure why not? Is it to take advantage of the banking industry and control the free flow of information... Well if it is then I think it's already been and gone!

Analyzing the Video: A Rational Approach

The video showcasing strange sky phenomena (that's an understatement) requires careful analysis. Without reliable information and context, jumping to conclusions or attributing it to Project Blue Beam or other conspiracies is probably a bit premature. We can go to the internet and simply look up weird sky phenomena and who did it. You'll be surprised at the huge amount of videos that have been filmed over a long period. It's got every kind of peculiar instance and some websites even categorise them and number them from 1 onwards.

The skies are the limit (quite literally) as to the number of events, the type of events and when they happen. We don't have all the answers and we certainly haven't seen everything that this world has to offer and show us. Of course, it's going to look bizarre especially if you haven't seen it before. This world is a magical place, it's a beautiful jewel drifting in space. Stop attributing the world's most beautiful show to a scary second-rate fear bonanza and yes I said bonanza.

Potential Explanations

The video's visuals could be due to natural phenomena, optical illusions, or hoaxes. Maintaining scepticism and seeking alternative explanations are important. Not just important but critical because if you close the blinkers to one possible explanation then your walking blind. The Truman Show while exceptional it was fiction and someone I think is pulling the collective leg of the world. Photoshop isn't to blame it's people who are not so much to blame but responsible for the spread of this. I just hope this clarifies or at least brings another dimension of thought to the discussion.

Embrace Skepticism and Critical Thinking

Approach conspiracy theories with scepticism and critical thinking. A very good guy (with best interests at heart)  I've never met too but have read a lot of what this guy wrote and it's changed my thought process. There's an answer for every question, that's the first thing I learnt.

Extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence. Without solid proof, staying open to alternative explanations is wise.


While false flag alien invasion theories and Project Blue Beam capture interest, it is crucial to separate fact from fiction. The video's peculiarities require cautious analysis, and maintaining scepticism and critical thinking is essential in navigating unexplained phenomena.

If you've got any thoughts on this post please share it with us in the comments section below, cheers. And also please don't forget to share this post, thank you. I'll be honest you should check out the Instagram account for Project Blue Beam Official it's a fascinating story. We're talking about EMP directed energy weapons, VR, Geoengineering, Drones, Holograms and 5G technologies all mixed into a very plausible explanation. It's interesting stuff put it that way but there's a lot of it, to know some would take years and to know a lot would be endless.

Credit: Project.Bluebeam.Official/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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  1. I like to explain your debunking showed no facts or evidence that this can not or will not happen. In theory it sounds crazy that it would but realistically it's possible due to not knowing the technologies that are hidden from the public . Then theres the actual triangle craft in the sky that have been seen by thousands of different people I including the ones back I the day over Los Vegas.. At this point in time we cant assume the government and elite groups wouldnt do this to us. To cause decision confusion and unsureness. I'm not saying they will only use Holograms with project Bluebeam but use TR3Bs that look alien to us and have never been acknowledged by the government that they are ours. When secrets like this happen and occur of course we feel the people that a fake alien invasion can happen. Aldi I dont believe it's to usher the new coming of christ or what have you. Yet I believe it's to bring in the New World Order which will consist of the UN NATO WHO digital IDs and Currecy along with military fashion state. They will explain to the public that the aliens are giving us a alternative either we take away all boarders and co exist with one another or they will terminate us. Then people will of course submit to the new order.
    You see covid was a test run I believe to see how hard or easy it would be to control the masses. Fear is their weapon and it's our weakness. We will most likely believe the government's around the world again pushing a narrative and agenda to make sound it's for the better of good for humanity. When it's about control and power has always been about that.
    You see they use entertainment movies TV to condition us to make us already believe it's possible aliens would attack so it's easy for us to except the concept of it happening.
    Yet once again it's our own people doing it to us.
    You talked about the holograms dont look as real as you think well research Dubai hologram technology. Watch it for yourself then ask that question again to yourself. The holograms look so real a matter of fact they have sound to go along with it.
    I'm sure we have far advanced technology the black ops dont tell us about specially when trillions went missing during 911 when the buildings collapsed. .
    Anyways there is alot more I can explain the entire set up and where this is taking us feo. The people look like they are for the people when in fact the are a cog in the machine.
    To the Pentagon and lies about UFOs AEPs etc. All the abductions and even Roswell crash was a set up and actually children recovered that were experimented on to look alien like.
    I've been researching this phenomenon since I was 12 and I'm 53 . Never heard of me because I did this for my own personal reasons
    Well these are my opinions and how I feel

    1. That was a great read thank you. If you want to write a article about this, narrow it down to what you feel most strongly about I'd gladly publish it. Only if you wanted to though? I think what your saying is valid, you obviously know a lot. My knowledge is only limited in a lot of things, but more in others. Writing about Ufology or conspiracies is (I think) a case of where do you start, which direction do we go in and what do I cover and how much? There's no way on this Earth any one single person can know everything about everything. I touched on this not long ago. Following the info it can covers lots of topics and suggestions. I love the idea of bringing up interesting subjects that I'd like to know more about. Getting it to this stage, it's been a long time in the making. It's a new and exciting going in all directions. After many years there's books to be written, more information to be shared and I love it.
      Please think about it if you'd like to share your thoughts on topic, I'd gladly support that. Thank you

  2. Obviously you have forgotten. Us hackers have posted documents of operations firesign that shows detailed proof on them planning it in fact waa going to use it during the failed Hillary Clinton campaign.


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