5 Unique UFO Facts That Are Not Widely Known

I've decided to go through history on a UFO journey and on my merry way I discovered that there's a plethora of amazing UFO incidents that aren't that well known outside of Ufology circles.

Falcon lake UFO recovered from the depths many pieces of metal.

Let's get into it.

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Some of these UFO sightings you might have heard of but I'll wager you haven't heard of all the ones right here in this awesome list that I've compiled?


There's been UFO parts recovered in Manitoba Canada and Unidentified Submerged Object's 

Five unique UFO facts that are not widely known:

1. The Foo Fighters:

During World War II, both Allied and Axis pilots reported witnessing unidentified flying objects, Which they dubbed "Foo Fighters." These mysterious orbs of light would follow aircraft, performing incredible aerial maneuvers. To this day, the true nature and origin of the Foo Fighters remain unexplained, leaving historians and UFO researchers intrigued.

Falcon lake UFO recovered a part of the UFO itself and here it is.

2. The Canadian Connection:

In 1967, a small town in Canada's Manitoba province, known as Falcon Lake, became the site of one of the most compelling UFO encounters. Local resident Stefan Michalak claimed to have encountered a landed UFO, which emitted intense heat, causing him severe burns. The case remains a baffling anomaly, puzzling both ufologists and scientific analysts.

3. The Rendlesham Forest Incident:

Often dubbed as "Britain's Roswell," the Rendlesham Forest incident occurred in December 1980 when multiple U.S. Air Force personnel stationed at the RAF Bentwaters base reported seeing a mysterious craft land in the nearby woods. Witnesses described encountering a metallic triangular craft, exuding bizarre light effects and leaving indentations on the ground. This famous incident continues to captivate UFO enthusiasts worldwide.

4. The Voronezh Incident:

On September 27, 1989, in Voronezh, a city in the Soviet Union, multiple witnesses reported an extraordinary encounter involving a landed UFO and extraterrestrial beings. According to the witnesses, the aliens were humanoid in appearance and interacted with local children. This puzzling incident, supported by numerous eyewitness accounts, remains one of the most intriguing cases of alleged alien contact.

5. USO Phenomenon:

While UFO sightings in the skies are well documented, Unidentified Submerged Objects (USOs) possess their own share of intrigue. Numerous reports exist of unidentified objects descending into oceans or hovering just above the water's surface before plunging beneath. These sightings suggest the possibility of underwater UFO bases or vehicles capable of seamlessly maneuvering in both air and water. The USO phenomenon adds a whole new dimension to the mysteries surrounding unidentified aerial phenomena. Here's a fantastic example of a USO anomaly.

In 1963, near Shag Harbour, a small fishing village in Nova Scotia, Canada, a remarkable USO incident took place. On the night of October 4th, multiple witnesses reported seeing a large, brightly lit object descend and crash into the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The witnesses vividly described the object maneuvering in the sky before plunging into the water with a loud impact, followed by an eerie hissing sound.

Word of the incident quickly reached local authorities, prompting an immediate search and rescue operation, as it was initially believed to be an aircraft crash. However, no wreckage or survivors were ever found. Instead, what the search teams discovered were strange yellow foam patches scattered across the water's surface.

The incident gained significant attention, eventually leading Canadian naval vessels to join the search efforts. Moreover, eyewitness accounts, as well as official documents, suggested that military forces were also drawn to the area by the unidentified underwater crash.


To this day, the Shag Harbour Incident remains one of the most well-documented cases of a USO encounter. The official investigation dubbed it as a "genuine mystery" and classified it as an unknown, with no reasonable explanation for the underwater object observed by various witnesses.

The Shag Harbour Incident stands as a testament to the perplexing nature of USO encounters, leaving researchers and experts intrigued by the possibility of technologically advanced aquatic craft lurking beneath the Earth's waters, yet far beyond our current understanding.

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Credit: UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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