Fox News Did A Cigar-Shaped UFO Steal The Show

In an extraordinary twist of events, Fox News unwittingly became part of a captivating UFO sighting on August 14, 2017.

Let's get into it.

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While covering the magnificent Capitol Buildings in Washington DC, their camera inadvertently captured a truly mind-boggling moment - a high-speed, white cigar-shaped UFO darting past.


This stunning encounter piques our curiosity (definitely mine) and raises questions about the nature of unidentified flying objects. Join me as I delve into this mesmerizing incident and explore both the significance and perplexity of this possible extraterrestrial close encounter of the Fox News kind.

Setting the Scene:

On that fateful day, Fox News aimed to provide viewers with a hot tub full of I mean a picturesque view of the iconic Capitol Buildings in the heart of Washington DC whilst whittling on about politics. Little did they know that something far more astonishing would unfold right before their camera lenses and our ocular lenses. As the camera was in a fixed position staring across at the magnificent structures (the US is a beautiful place it is), a blatant white cigar-shaped UFO suddenly streaked across the screen from the left bottom to the right top, stealing the spotlight and leaving us in awe. It's certainly left me feeling like all the clues are there but nobody has a magnifying glass, you know...

The Blatant UFO:

The undeniable presence of the cigar-shaped UFO in Fox News's footage leaves no room for scepticism - this was no ordinary flying object it's as blatant then as it is right now as if it has just been filmed 10 seconds ago. Its swift movement and unconventional shape distinguish it from any known civilian drones. The apparent disregard for conventional pigeon flight patterns only adds to the extraordinary nature of this sighting, fueling our intrigue no doubt and prompting incessant questions. Pigeon lol.

The UFO's Significance:

With the Capitol Buildings' prominence as a symbol of democracy and power in the United States, the implications of a UFO sighting in such proximity cannot be ignored. Could this be an extraterrestrial craft or simply a chance occurrence? The UFO's blatant appearance only deepens the mystery, challenging our understanding of the cosmos, technology, natural phenomena and the Earth and humankind's place within it.


Fox News's unwitting capture of a high-speed, cigar-shaped UFO soaring past the historic Capitol Buildings in Washington DC adds a remarkable chapter to the annals of UFO sightings. This awe-inspiring incident challenges our existing knowledge and compels us to explore the vast possibilities of extraterrestrial life. While many questions remain unanswered, this extraordinary footage firmly reminds us that the universe is teeming with untold mysteries and life too, waiting to be unravelled. Let us continue our pursuit of knowledge together, with open minds and hearts, forever embracing the enigma of UFOs in our collective quest for truth. That's all I want.

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Credit: Fox News/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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