Baffling UFO Sighting Around The ISS This Is Exceptional

Baffling UFO sighting filmed from the International Space Station (ISS) is it possible that it's the Black Knight Satellite UFO the video is from 2016?

NASA TV ISS cameras catch mystery object nearby.

Black Knight Satellite UFO on NASA ISS camera footage.

Let's get into it.

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Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) have long captured the human imagination, sparking curiosity about potential extraterrestrial life.


For decades, conspiracy theories and unverified sightings have added fuel to the fire, leaving many intrigued by the possibility of encounters beyond our planet. Alleged sightings of a multitude of mysterious objects near the International Space Station (ISS) have sparked fresh debates. How do these sightings align with NASA's purported search for evidence of extraterrestrial life? Let's delve into this peculiar phenomenon and seek some clarity.

The video was reported to show an unknown spacecraft or piece of debris following the station as it orbited Earth. The footage - claimed to have been shot on the ISS's own cameras - was said to have been taken while the satellite was waiting for a supplies delivery.

UFOs Afloat: NASA's Own Cameras Capture the Unseen

Recent claims suggest that NASA's own cameras aboard the ISS have recorded numerous UFO sightings. Videos depicting unidentified objects in close proximity to the space station have gone viral and rightly so because these have the potential to change the fabric of the universe in terms of our understanding of the cosmos. These unidentified objects exhibit different shapes, sizes, and behaviors, making them puzzling enigmas that defy conventional explanation.

The Black Knight Satellite UFO:

The Black Knight satellite UFO has become a subject of intrigue and speculation among UFO enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists. According to reports, the Black Knight satellite is an unidentified object orbiting Earth, emitting strange signals and cloaked in mystery. Allegedly, it has been present in our orbit for thousands of years, predating modern space exploration. Some believe it to be of extraterrestrial origin, possibly an ancient alien artifact or even a monitoring device sent by a highly advanced civilization. Despite various claims and alleged sightings, the existence of the Black Knight satellite remains unconfirmed by official sources, leaving it as an enigmatic and debated phenomenon within the realm of UFO lore.

Astronauts on the film's soundtrack make no comment about the object seemingly observing them, it was reported.

Is NASA Actively Investigating UFO Sightings?

While NASA's primary focus is scientific research and space exploration, the agency does encounter unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs) during their operations. However, NASA doesn't (didn't) openly investigate UAPs or UFOs yet has an almost perfect record for identifying space debris or what are initially UAPs/UFOs and that's not consistent because it's a blatant contradiction. The investigation of UFO sightings is not NASA's central objective. NASA primarily seeks to understand the universe at large, explore celestial bodies, and collect data about our solar system. It now collaborates with other organizations that specialize in UFO investigations to explore possible extraterrestrial life.

Understanding NASA's Role in the Search for Extraterrestrial Life

a. How does NASA search for extraterrestrial life?

NASA employs various scientific instruments, space missions, and telescopes like Hubble and James Webb to detect signs of life beyond Earth. Cutting-edge technologies help scientists analyze the atmospheres of exoplanets, search for water, and identify organic compounds. NASA concentrates on gathering data and evidence to further humanity's understanding of our place in the cosmos. The key words here are our place in the cosmos.

b. Do UFO sightings impact NASA's search for extraterrestrial life?

While intriguing, UFO sightings near the ISS do not directly influence NASA's search for extraterrestrial life. The agency's mission is to investigate the unknown through scientific means. UFO sightings encountered during their missions serve as scientific data, helping NASA improve spaceflight safety and understand atmospheric phenomena beyond Earth's atmosphere. Which is probably why they jump to the debris conclusion as a first answer. It's not a fact on their part but the fact remains that unknown objects do pass by the International Space Station sometimes.

The Complex Nature of UFO Sightings:

a. Are all UFO sightings evidence of extraterrestrial life?

No, not all UFO sightings can be attributed to extraterrestrial life. UFOs, by definition, refer to unidentified objects in the sky, often with characteristics that challenge conventional explanations. While some sightings could have logical explanations, others remain unexplained due to a lack of evidence or data.

b. Could the UFO sightings around the ISS have alternative explanations?

Yes, many UFO sightings can be attributed to natural phenomena, space debris, camera artifacts ie lens flars and dust, or even human error. Evaluating each incident individually is crucial in determining the true nature of these unidentified objects captured on NASA cameras.


The recent UFO sightings around the ISS that have surfaced from NASA's archives have ignited intrigue and curiosity. However, it is important to recognize that NASA's primary mission is focused on scientific exploration rather than actively investigating potential extraterrestrial encounters. While these UFO sightings are captivating and sometimes frustrating due to the lack of interest on NASA's part the constant repetitive and somewhat predetermined answers seem like wasted opportunities. They should be examined with skepticism and a scientific lens with a thorough preplanned investigation process and not just a preplanned answer! As humanity continues to explore the vastness of space, perhaps one day we will uncover concrete evidence of life beyond our planet, raising humanity's understanding of the universe to new heights.


NASA's mission of finding a path in the cosmos is multifaceted, encompassing space exploration, understanding the origins of the universe, the search for extraterrestrial life, and the advancement of technology. By expanding our knowledge, fostering scientific understanding, and inspiring future generations, NASA's groundbreaking work continues to unveil the wonders of the cosmos, leaving an indelible mark on our collective exploration of space. Researching the unknown shouldn't stop at the hard to believe - take UFO sightings around the ISS as a clear example of the blatant contradiction. Just because it's frowned upon or viewed as pseudoscience NASA has the ability to put this wrong, right.

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Credit: NASA/Daily Mail/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.


The content of this blog post is based on facts available at the time of writing. The nature of unidentified objects caught on NASA's cameras are subject to ongoing investigation and further scientific analysis.

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