Black Polyhedron UFO Baffles Pilots Over Medellin, Colombia

In a captivating UFO sighting over Medellin, Colombia, in February 2020, a pilot captured footage of an extraordinary black UFO with straight edges at an altitude of 30 thousand feet.

Medellin Colombia polyhedron pilot of airplane filmed black UFO.

Let's get into it.

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The pilot's camera skillfully panned from the altimeter to reveal a mesmerizing metallic polyhedron flying effortlessly past the aircraft.


Details of the Encounter:

- The UFO's distinct straight edges and dark metallic appearance left the pilot and the observers astonished.

- Estimated to be 10 to 15 feet in diameter, this sizable craft raises questions about its origin and capabilities.

Media Recognition:

- The incident gained widespread attention, catching the eye of the History channel in particular, which featured it on their TV show "The Proof is Out There."

- The recognition from a reputable channel underscores the significance and credibility of the sighting. No matter what you think about The History Channel it's reach is undeniable.

Technical Considerations:

- Given the substantial size of the UFO, it raises questions about radar detection. Government Satellites in space and Colombian air traffic control systems should have potentially registered such a sizable object in their systems.

Seeking Information:

To unravel the mystery surrounding this intriguing UFO sighting, let's consider what approaches were taken:

1. Contacting Colombian Authorities:

   - History channel reached out to Colombian air traffic control for an official statement or radar data they may have on the incident.

2. Satellite Imaging:

   - Investigating satellite imagery from reputable sources to determine if the UFO's presence can be corroborated from space would probably take a miracle or around a million dollars worth of miracles of which that would be two miracles needed and then approval from way higher than any current ufologist can get!

What This UFO Isn't:

The UFO in the skies above Medellin, Colombia,  transpired in February 2020, etching an indelible mark on a pilot's memory. Let's not forget that the UAP was soaring at 30 thousand feet, the pilot's camera captured the surreal presence of a black UFO that technically should not have been there, distinguished by its straight edges and metallic allure that was no ordinary drone or balloon. As the altimeter disclosed the altitude, the lens pivoted towards the cockpit window, revealing a dark-colored polyhedron-type UFO gracefully navigating past the aircraft.

Astonishing Details:

The distinct features of this UFO, marked by straight edges and a dark metallic facade, defied conventional explanations. With no visible means of a propulsion system and an estimated diameter of 10 to 15 feet, this sizable anomaly raised eyebrows and fueled speculation about its origin and capabilities as any sane person would do.

Media Spotlight:

The intrigue surrounding this extraordinary sighting did not go unnoticed. The History channel, known for its exploration of unexplained phenomena, picked up on the story, featuring it prominently on their TV show "The Proof is Out There." The recognition from a reputable channel lends credibility to the pilot's account.

Technical Conundrums:

Given the substantial size of the UFO, it prompts questions about radar detection. Could satellites in space or Colombian air traffic control systems have registered such a sizable object in their data streams?

"This sighting challenges our understanding of aerial phenomena. It's imperative to explore every avenue to gather accurate information." - Lee Lewis

In Conclusion:

As we embark on the quest to decipher the secrets of the black polyhedron UFO, engaging with official channels, scrutinizing satellite data, and collaborating with reputable sources offer promising paths to unraveling this captivating mystery. Stay tuned for updates as we navigate the uncharted territories of UFO wonders.

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Credit: History/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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