Close Encounter with Airliner Leaves Aviation Enthusiast Baffled

Unprecedented UFO Encounter: Close Encounter with Airliner Leaves Aviation Enthusiasts Baffled.

UFO flies next to aircraft nearly hitting it.

UFO nearly hits an aircraft in the sky.

Let's get into it.

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In the open and endless skies above us, UFO sightings happen regularly becoming a normal occurrence, but a recent incident has stirred the UFO community and aviation enthusiasts alike.


An eyewitness captured a spine-tingling moment as a UFO made a bold and dangerously close pass by an aircraft shortly after takeoff. The footage uploaded to Pinterest by "Real Aliens Stories" is nothing short of jaw-dropping, showcasing the unidentified object gliding perilously close to the right side of the airliner.

The Close Encounter

- Unbelievably Close: The UFO's proximity to the aircraft is astonishing, with onlookers speculating that a daring pilot could almost reach out and touch the mysterious object. This raises immediate concerns about safety and the reckless manoeuvring exhibited by the UFO.

Wikipedia is very good at giving impartial information, it's unfortunate that it's been used to further only one narrative which is going against Wikipedia's founding ethos. See this Wikipedia article and you'll see that it only gives one view and that's NASA's view. It's supposed to be evidence and it seems that the lack of evidence is just as good - when it suits.

Unfortunately, as with the majority of UFO sightings, the information is hard to come by or at least any verifiable information that's why it's called a belief. That shouldn't detract from the video itself which should be based on its own merits. It will come out sooner or later if it's a genuine UFO sighting because it's people like us who are determined to uncover the truth so one way or another we will have the correct information at some point in time.

- Questionable Intentions: The unnerving question arises – what were the true intentions behind this audacious move by the unidentified flying object? Such close encounters pose significant risks, prompting speculation about the motives and capabilities of these enigmatic entities.

The Aviation Community Reacts

Aviation experts and enthusiasts will be no doubt buzzing with theories and concerns surrounding this extraordinary event. Here are some key points of discussion:

- Safety Implications: The incident has sparked debates on aviation safety, prompting discussions on how such encounters could potentially jeopardize the well-being of passengers and crew.

- Government Response: The aviation community eagerly awaits an official response from government agencies regarding this UFO encounter and I've looked but I cannot find anything relating to this particular UFO sighting. Will it be dismissed as a mere anomaly, or will there be an acknowledgement of the potential risks associated with such close interactions? Only time will tell and while I'm hopeful I'm realistic but for now I'll just have to hope that an investigation into this takes place if anything it should be looked into as a near miss.

Unraveling the Mystery

As we delve into the mystery surrounding this close encounter, it's essential to consider the broader context of UFO phenomena. Some questions to ponder:

- Technology Beyond Our Understanding: Could the UFO's proximity to the aircraft be a display of advanced technology that surpasses our current understanding of aviation capabilities?

- Extraterrestrial or Earthly Origin: The age-old question lingers – are these UFOs of extraterrestrial origin, or could they be classified as Earthly projects with capabilities kept hidden from the public?


This riveting UFO encounter challenges our perceptions and underscores the need for continued exploration into the unknown. As we await further insights from aviation authorities, the incident serves as a stark reminder that the mysteries of Ufology are ever-evolving, inviting us, me and you to question, speculate, and marvel at the enigma that is the UFO phenomenon. Stay tuned for more updates as we navigate through the uncharted territories of the unidentified and the extraordinary. As soon as I hear anything else about this UFO sighting I'll be sure to update this post so please check back regularly.

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Credit: Real Aliens Stories Pinterest/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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