Bizarre Black Orb: A Close Encounter Next To A Wood Yard

Bizarre Black Orb: A Close Encounter Next To A Wood Yard

Black Orb UFO sighting filmed by drone operator.

Let's have a look.

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As far as UFO encounters go some are extraordinary like this bizarre incident which unfolded in California that left one man and his drone lol astonished.


While out flying his drone near a wood yard, a peculiar sighting occurred - a large black Orb suddenly appeared beneath his drone. This blog post aims to delve into this notable encounter and raises questions about its authenticity and what factors could potentially make it real if that's at all possible.

The California Encounter

One fateful day, while operating his drone, a man in California found himself witness to an astounding sight. A large black orb, seemingly defying gravity, materialized right below his drone. Without hesitation, he promptly began filming this mysterious UFO, capturing rare footage of its movements and characteristics. The black orb exhibited extraordinary abilities, including sudden stops, exceptional acceleration, and the ability to maneuver effortlessly, even making full right-angle turns and that's bizarre.

The Quest for Veracity

Given the countless cases of purported UFO sightings, skepticism often arises when encountering such extraordinary claims. Nevertheless, when analyzing unique sightings like this black orb in California, several factors can contribute to evaluating its authenticity:

1. Videographic Evidence: The availability of video footage documenting the encounter is crucial. In the case of the black orb, the clarity of the captured video adds weight to the veracity of the sighting. By carefully analyzing the footage, experts can evaluate its credibility based on factors such as image quality, consistency, and potential signs of digital manipulation.

2. Multiple Witnesses: Sustaining witness accounts from various individuals further substantiates the credibility of the sighting. It is essential to establish whether other individuals in the vicinity also observed the black orb, thus corroborating the original claim. I'm currently trying to find more information on this but I find that the best way to discover new information is to ask you guys.

3. Government Acknowledgment: The existence of unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAPs), as recognized by the US government, provides a framework for discussing unexplained sightings. As per official announcements, certain UFO sightings have been classified as UAPs, implying that certain unidentified aerial phenomena remain unexplained by current scientific knowledge.

Realizing the Unreal

In attempting to ascertain the authenticity of the California black orb encounter, it is important to recognize that the genre of UFOs is still largely unexplained and shrouded in mystery. While the encounter may possess compelling elements, definite conclusions cannot be drawn without rigorous scientific investigation and analysis.

It is crucial to maintain an open mind and encourage further scrutiny to progress our understanding of these enigmatic aerial phenomena. By diligently documenting and researching such sightings, we can create a foundation for scientific discourse, helping us discern fact from fiction. We're all trying to figure out if Extraterrestrial life exists and we are not on the same page and at the same stage of understanding. While someone has more information about one UFO another person might have less information but it doesn't matter because we will one day discover the truth together no matter what.


The encounter with a large black Orb in California offers a captivating glimpse into the world of UFO sightings. The filmed footage captures an extraordinary object displaying seemingly impossible maneuvers. While evaluating the veracity of such a sighting, factors such as videographic evidence, witness accounts, and official government acknowledgment of UAPs assist in forming an informed perspective.

If you have any information on this or any other UFO sighting please share t with us in the comments below, thanks.


As we explore further, seeking to unravel the mysteries of unidentified aerial phenomena, it is essential to approach these claims with skepticism, yet retain a sense of curiosity and open-mindedness. Only through diligent scientific inquiry can we hope to shed light on these captivating encounters and navigate the vast unknown that lies above our heads.


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