Chandelier UAP And White House UFO Disk

The chandelier that was filmed over the Persian Gulf of unknown origin by a US military pilot has certainly caused quite a stir among the public.

Chandelier UAP filmed over the Persian Gulf white house UFO.

Let's have a look.

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Utilizing the remarkable Flir camera (Forward Looking Infrared camera), which possesses the ability to capture infrared light, the footage unveils a world that remains hidden from the naked eye.


It is truly fascinating to contemplate the events that unfold above us, events that we are completely oblivious to.

Official Designation by the US Government

The “Chandelier” UAP

Date/Time - Not disclosed.

Location - This image was taken over the Persian Gulf (29°09'41.4” N, 49°26'56.7"E)

Imaging Type - Thermographic/Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR).

Event Description - A short synopsis can be seen in Part 3 of the UFO REVOLUTION docuseries.

More to come.

Moreover, the recent emergence of peculiar UAP videos from various corners of the globe raises an intriguing question:

Could this be an indication that Project Blue Beam is on the verge of being set into motion?

Unknown Origin Crafts

These extraordinary videos, showcasing unidentified crafts of unknown origin, have an undeniable allure, leaving us pondering the mysteries that lie beyond our comprehension. Undoubtedly, this is an exhilarating time for those who possess a keen interest in the unexplained.

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Silver Metallic Craft

Supposedly filmed over the White House the second video in the double UFO video I've uploaded to YouTube shows a strange if not suspicious video and a strange audio of a government broadcast all of which I'm working on verifying but still you need to see it because how long does it take to investigate a UFO sighting? It could be a while.

Points of Interest

- The chandelier UAP filmed over the Middle East by a US military pilot using the FLIR camera, which captures infrared light, has sparked intrigue.

- The FLIR camera allows us to see what is invisible to the naked eye, revealing a world beyond our perception.

- Project Blue Beam, a conspiracy theory suggesting a staged alien invasion, has resurfaced in light of these strange UFO videos.

- The footage is undeniably fascinating, it is important to approach these claims with scepticism and critical thinking.

- As captivating as these videos may be, it is essential to maintain a discerning mindset and not jump to conclusions.

In conclusion

The chandelier UAP and the proliferation of UFO videos like the one that seems to be CGI but at this point, we can't dismiss it or include it it's understandable that these bizarre events have captured public interest, but guys it is vital to approach these phenomena with a critical eye and rely on scientific evidence.


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Credit: Jeremy Corbell X, Allthingsunexplained, Laughhouseproductionllc Tik Tok, UFO Sightings Footage, UFO Madness, ufosfootage, Canva.

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