Glowing UFO Inside Cloud Flying A Figure of 8 China

On September 20th, 2023, a woman residing in Chengdu, the capital of southwest China's Sichuan Province, captured a peculiar sight in the night sky.

China UFO flying figure of 8 In the clouds over Chengdu.

The woman managed to record a mysterious light repeating the same flight path continuously.

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This intriguing incident has sparked curiosity and wonder among locals and experts alike.


The footage of the strange light in the night-time sky has garnered attention and speculation from residents of Chengdu. Many have expressed fascination and eagerness to understand the nature of this phenomenon. Experts have been called upon to investigate the unusual occurrence, adding to the anticipation surrounding the event. Will there be an investigation or will it be ignored as they might not know how to investigate this type of unknown phenomenon? One thing that we can safely say is that it happened, it's not a normal event, and either someone or something created this as a result of whatever did take place.

UFO Over Chengdu, China Flying A Constant Figure of 8

As the news of the repetitive flight path of the mysterious light spreads, the community in Chengdu remains captivated by the enigma in the night sky. The shared interest and intrigue have brought people together, fostering a sense of unity and excitement as they await further insights into this extraordinary event.

Food For Thought on UFOs and This Specific UAP Event:

Is this UFO in a holding pattern awaiting instructions?

When we see UFOs and UAPs they're going somewhere.

They must fly from somewhere and they must be flying to a designation.

Satellites must be able to pick these UAPs up with ease.

Chinese UFO Statistics

There's no way of knowing just how many people have seen or filmed for that matter UFO sightings in China. There must be an official number as most Governments around the world keep some sort of database and record of the reports that are either phoned in, reported online, or ok there but at the moment we can't get an exact number. However, we can get the next best thing which is to keep up with the official Chinese Government stance or statement regarding UFOs. I'll be looking into this one more and when I get any sort of official UFO statistics from over China I'll be updating this post. Check this ABC News post for more information on UAPs.

China's military uses AI to track rapidly increasing UFOs

The steps that are taken by any Government have always been to deny or cover up the existence of UFOs and now UAPs because of what I assume is the perceived reaction by the public to an Extraterrestrial species. With the whole world now looking at the US Government which has acknowledged the presence of UAPs and declassified its own UFO videos it now becomes apparent that other governments around the world have been declining offers to release their information on UFOs.


China-US Cooperation Regarding UFOs


NASA Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena Independent Study

If it's interesting to the US Government then it's interesting to the whole world and if it's a government then you can bet the house that there's a department or agency tasked with finding out what the US Government knows. I mean, it's the United States of America we are talking about these are world leaders in not just present-day everything but historically the US Government has surpassed every known empire in history!

Have they been influenced from outside of this world, have they recovered unknown origin crafts and has there been any communication with another species either outside of the Earth or even interdimensional communication?


It sounds like sci-fi doesn't it but to understand it you must be up to speed on the latest scientific advanced research and development of communications especially with regards to the whistleblower's testimonials. What's theoretical and theoretically possible versus created and in development stages? I like it when whistleblowers fill in the gaps between what's possible and how far we've come as a species. A lot of whistleblowers have turned out to be right.

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Credit: Bien_forever Instagram, Wikipedia China UFO Sightings, UFO Sightings Footage, UFO Madness, UFO footage.

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