UFO Over Lunar Module Of Apollo Mission

Relatively new Apollo Moon Mission UFO found only 6 years ago.

This is the one! I mean, this is undeniable new proof that the Apollo Moon Mission Astronauts were been stalked and this proves it! It shows up, it lets itself be known for a glimpse then it rapidly disappears and that's a stalker! In my mind at least it's solved, brought to a conclusion and has now been answered.

This was only discovered 6 years ago by Scott Waring as he slowed the footage down so it was easily overlooked, good find. This UFO could be moving as planned and that allows it to maneuver at lightning speeds just like a preprogrammed robot on Earth carrying out a mundane task in a factory.

Relatively new Apollo Moon Mission UFO found only 6 years ago.

This has got all the fascinating hallmarks of a faster-than-sound and might even be an "as fast as light" UFO or nearly as fast as light speed UFO - depending on your beliefs (regardless of laws of physics, like they've never been broken before) I mean can physics explain Ghosts, UFOs and religious beings like God?

There are many examples that physics can't explain but I'm for once staying on track. So yeah it all comes down to belief. Belief is a force of nature, it can carry whole countries, and civilisations and carry people through life's toughest times so it exists.

I see an aerial on top of this UFO.

Lunar module UFO sighting.

But don't take mine or anyone else word for it, just look with your own eyes and if it looks right to you, then add it to your "look in to" folder lol. That's if you're into UFOs but you wouldn't be reading this if you weren't so I reckon you should look into this as it's proof. There's not a lot of Apollo Moon Mission UFO evidence so it's worth looking into this.

Even though NASA has now apparently taken this down I can say Scott Waring from UFO Sightings Daily made a copy (good on you Scott) and hence it's the only reason why we're here talking about this now.

Here is that amazing and stunning video of proof, evidence that Astronauts had indeed been stalked. Don't forget these old cameras were a lot lower in resolution and had actual video tape so the frames per second were a lot less and a UFO could of "easily" gotten right in between frames.

Personally, for me, it looks like loads of UFOs are checking it out in microseconds I mean who's to say everything in the universe travels to "our" beat? It's probably right across the spectrum like Snails, Rabbits and you know just as an example of life moving at different paces.

Date of sighting: 1968-1970 Location of sighting: Orbiting Earth's Moon.

Updated July 2018: This post was deleted by the US Gov and I am reposting it again today. Luckily I have a backup made. I was messing around last night and found this old NASA footage. In it were a few anomalies that did not look like the old film errors. I paused it several times till I could see the object and to my surprise, it looked like a three-dimensional alien probe.

I put the screenshots and video into slow motion and also put the original footage in it. I know this is old stuff but this UFO has never been reported before now and it was recorded between 1968-1970 but it's unclear. This is the first time that humans crossed onto the dark side of the moon. I noticed the metallic-like surface of it and its odd crystal-like shape made me believe it was made from biomechanics or a machine that was grown.

SCW states: taken about 1968-1970, maybe Apollo 10  (uncertain).{alertInfo}

Source UFO Sightings Daily.

Source Scott Waring YouTube.
Source NASA Apollo Archives.

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  1. Excellent capture Scott... How do you keep these videos...because each time I post similar video my laptop goes blank and all data lost...suspect government... Three times I have lost my hardrive and all data and video..I had one of buzz and niel exclaiming excitedly as they describe the tall alien crouching down at the craters edge watching them...teal voices real reactions real video of alien walking and crouching only metres away from HOW do you save these videos from Facebook or YouTube...I can't seem to be able to store a video on my memory drives at all ???

  2. Wikileaks released the alien on moon video in 2012 I can't find it any longer...we know the truth so why do they keep denying and hiding evidence


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