Alien Structure In Moon Crater That Is Miles Wide

I really thought I had discovered a new UFO or Alien machine on the Moon.

Imagine my disappointment when I discovered that someone had already found this UFO type Alien technology/machine or possible structure on the Moon. I was really gutted at first but then I realised who had found it and I was OK with that, as it was Scott C Waring from the awesome website UFO Sightings Daily.

The feeling I initially had when I discovered this or I was thinking I was the first to discover this, the feeling was really good and it was very rewarding so that's enough for me to carry on. I have found stuff for the first time from Moon images before and Mars images also and it is a great feeling of which I highly recommend you go looking through some of NASA's images and archives and you'll see what I mean if you find something Alien looking.

The old Apollo Moon images are very odd indeed with this one having Alien technology in a crater.

There was a buzz in me when I found this. Turns it out it was discovered way back in 2013 by Scott C Waring.

The old Apollo Moon images are very odd indeed with this one having Alien technology in a crater.

So it kinda eased the feeling knowing it was someone who is really amazing at what they do. I will put a link to his post at the bottom of this post. Check it out cheers guys.

So I was just wandering the hallways so-to-speak of the old Apollo image archives and I was drawn to this one image - as for one, it was in high definition and that's always a bonus because it helps to see inside the craters and really see any anomalies alike even better. And there it was, it was just sat there in the bottom right crater which is called Taruntius F crater on the Moon which was caught on camera from the Apollo 8 mission. The details are as follows of this spectacular Alien made and Alien looking tech, whatever the stunning thing is:

This is the actual image where the crater is and where the Alien building/structure/satellite dish or UFO I might add is, which NASA have displayed for everyone in their archives (links are all below in the source section of this post).

The full image showing the Alien technology or UFO in the Moon's crater.

AS08-13-2344 (21-27 Dec. 1968).

This oblique photograph looks generally northwest from the Apollo 8 spacecraft into the Sea of Tranquility.


The three prominent craters are Taruntius F in the lower right corner; Taruntius E in the center; and Cauchy between the two linear features. The Cauchy scarp, this side of the Cauchy crater, is formed by one to three faults stepped down toward the spacecraft. Cauchy Rille, on the other side of Cauchy crater, consists of several arcuate segments of a graben. Each of the three prominent craters is 10 to 15 kilometers (6 to 9 statute miles) across.

I made a quick video of this amazing discovery and it shows you where the UFO structure type machine is in the high definition image.

Cheers for checking out this post and please if you will, can you please share this post with your friends as it still has tons of relevance and people might of forgotten or even never heard of it just like me, lol. It shows us a glimpse of how big structures on the Moon can be? This is huge in terms of value to Ufology and it terms of size. It has to be at least 2 or maybe even 3 Kilometers wide and who knows how tall it is as we cannot see the bottom of the crater in that particular spot so a guess would be maybe half a mile or so? It is hard to say for sure.

Here's another crazy looking anomaly like a cannon or an asteroid gun, even a laser gun from a Space body called "Asteroid Eros" which cannot be explained at all. We did a post about this on UFO Sightings Footage here's the link to that post:

UFO Sightings Footage Asteroid Eros post.

Here is an Alien moon Gun which was discovered on the Moon.
Image Credit NASA JPL/Photojournal link below in source.

Source NASA Apollo Image Story.
Source UFO Sightings Daily.
Source NASA Apollo Image AS08-13-2344.
Source PIA02905: The View from Low Orbit.
Source UFO Sightings Footage.

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