Black Mothership UFO And Smaller UFO Next To A Car on Google Earth

Two TR3b's and a car or is this a UFO Mothership and a smaller UFO and a car.

This is a TR3B or a Mothership UFO with a smaller drone UFO are right next to a CAR!

I mean, c'mon look at the size of the stupid thing! That's a bit big for a kite or a tent. It's not a cabin, it's not a toilet in the middle of nowhere but it's definitely something? What it is, who knows... Okay, I have to say that to me at least it looks like a UFO, a Triangle shape craft and that it looks really strange. So strange in fact that it's easier to tick off what it's not, then to guess what this is. 

It's an absolute stunning bit of real evidence that the Military industrial complex or Aliens (Alien Greys) have been here. Is that a car that's next to it? It's tiny compared to the Triangle craft. If so, was it the first on the scene and checking it out or is it a civilian randomly driving upon to it maybe? I ask you that because there's no worn down path around it, there's no signs, no people, no nothing to say that it's a permanent structure and that's odd.

Two TR3b's and a car or is this a UFO Mothership and a smaller UFO and a car.

The Google Earth coordinates are as follows 33°45'55.19"n 106°34"37.67"w.

But it's from 2013 in Google Earth and I've tried to search for it but the Google Earth I'm using (new) can't or doesn't find it? It says it can't find results for it? It's probably been scrubbed from the database but, I'm not the only one to write about it. In fact, it was first reported to MUFON.

But it's clearly there in the Google Earth, but the layout of Google Earth 2013 was very different and it shows in the left column a very different layout. So I know this is genuine but having difficulty in locating it.

Two TR3b's and a car or is this a UFO Mothership and a smaller UFO and a car.

There are tire tracks and deep ones on the ground. This could either be a UFO or a TR3b (there's couple of ways to spell it). So what is it? Is this a Mothership and a smaller UFO ship commanded by Aliens? Or is it a TR3B - TR3b or is it a black Triangle military spacecraft and smaller version in tow with a support vehicle?

What we can all agree on (maybe) is that these "things" are there, it's an unusual craft of some kind and there's two of them, plus a car that is moving around the crafts. As yet unidentified crafts.

Google Earth is coming up with all kinds of wonderful Ufology finds and allowing us to have and use real, undeniable proof of anomalies before the images can either be wiped from existence or hoaxed in any way shape or form and for that I at least am very grateful to Google Earth.

 The images are from different angles.

The Black triangle TR3b from various different angles and the car.

Both of these images are fantastic and shows a definite Black Triangle UFO because as of now it's still unidentified and until it is officially recognised as such it has to be referred to as an unidentified flying object even though we think it's a TR3b it still can't be for certain.

The Black triangle TR3b from various different angles and the car.

The raw images and 360 panoramic views on Google Earth allows us to reference and source link to the real deal instead of having some dubious image with a 3 miles wide UFO over London that looks like someone made it but is been passed off as real.

So what do you think about this one guys? Is it an absolute treat or what? The why, and the who can be answered later but for now let's just look upon this wonder of either Earthly technology or "otherworldly" technology because either way, it doesn't really matter as it is there and it exists. The hard questions can come later on.

Here's another weird image that was uploaded with the other images. This is a strange symbol etched in to the ground.

Strange symbol etched in to the ground as seen from Google Earth.

Here's what it says on UFO Stalkers website in the details description, the person reporting this wishes to remain anonymous:

Black Triangle Sighting in San Antonio, New Mexico on December 14, 2013.

I was searching on google earth and saw a bulls eye circles when i zoomed i saw two triangles on the ground. at 33°45'55.19"n 106°34"37.67"w google photos date 12/14/2013. you can verify google earth still have photo posted.

Distance Unknown.
Altitude Landed.
Duration 01:00:00.
Features Unknown.
Flight Path N/A.
Shape Triangle.

Weather Details.
Temperature 37°F / 3°C.
Visibility 10 Miles / 16 Kilometers.
Conditions No Abnormal Weather Conditions.

Sighting Basics.
Case 95103.
Sighted 2013-12-14 00:00.
Submitted 2018-09-23 17:57 (Reported 5 Years Later).
Time Zone America/Denver.
Source MUFON.
Summary 2 triangle form items.

Sighting Location.
Approximation to protect the reporters identity.
City San Antonio.
Region New Mexico.
Country United States.

Source Google Earth.
Source UFO Stalker.
Source MUFON.

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