Woman Time Traveller Caught On Her Cell Phone - 2 Videos

She's on a cell phone and she's talking in to it. It doesn't get any easier or better than that does it, it's as straightforward as anything? There's a lot of unusual time travel related material out there but this one video (the first one) is pretty hard to debunk as, it is "what it is". There's no reason why she'd have "something" to her ear and talking in to it like that is there?

Well I was saving this for my "trump" card but I'll show you it now, check this out:

1928 time traveller on a cell phone, check that out and explain that away if you! The videos are below.

Woman time traveller caught talking in to a cell phone in an old black and white film.

I don't know what to say about this as i'm still get mind blown each and every time I play the video. I want to believe really comes in to play here because it looks so real and yet I don't know if this will ever be explained fully and satisfactorily either way or one way or the other should I say. Lets just stay tuned and check back periodically as if anymore info turns up I'll post it right here as an update.

Woman time traveller caught talking in to a cell phone in an old black and white film.

I could do a long winded image sequence showing you this woman speaking but instead I'll just let the video do the talking (aswell as this woman) or should I say, time traveller. What era do you think she's originally from?

I wonder if anyone recognises her now from this century as opposed from the last one, that would be freaky wouldn't it? I suppose it would be the media storm of the what, since time itself began? It would tower over every single thing in the media right now and for a very, very long time to come.

Go on here's the stunning, mind boggling video:

Don't worry though as I have another time traveller woman on her cell phone aswell, who knows they could be talking to one another on a "time cell phone" that picks up signals on another altogether multi dimensional frequency?

It might exist don't laugh. Nobody knew radio would work and they probably laughed at that? Wifi aswell, just because we can't see something doesn't make it null and void believe you and me! Electricity has always been there till humans tapped in to it.

Now here's a woman coming out of a factory who knows it could be a vitally important factory, offices that must do something or be stopped from doing something and that's why she's there. Hey, if you believe she's a Time traveller then she must have a reason for been there? There must be a reason for the actual event of going to that specific time period and that building.

Woman time traveller caught talking in to a cell phone in an old black and white film.

This is one of them absolutely "simple" but very, very interesting videos. Just like the amazing video up above (old woman from 1928) apparently it was an old movie with Charlie Chaplin, there's got to be a reason why they are in these movies but what and why? Maybe they didn't even plan on been in these movies and time round they'll take a different route home or wherever they "was" going?

So there you go, what about that then? Time travel, is it real is it not doable or if you think we can't do it yet but in the future we might be able to, well then we already can! If the future can time travel, then a time traveller can turn up now. It can turn up anywhere in theory so just think about that?

If you think time travel is possible then you have to believe everything that goes with it, you can't pick and choose one thing over another. Who knows there might be things about time travel that nobody could see happening or the left hand might go blue from travelling through "time". Let us know what you think about these videos and please share, thanks.

Source ufostar.ovnis Instagram.
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