Huge UFO Next To The Sun Retracting It's Wings

UFO right next to the Sun has wings or stabilisers so it can enter the Sun.

Let's not forget that this unidentified floating object (still a UFO) is moving and it's changing shape over a short period of time, we shouldn't forget that it is changing shape.

Here is an amazing sight, there's what looks like or seems to be an exceptionally big "winged" UFO which seems to either turn sideways or it's retracting its "wings" either way this is going towards the Sun and it's changing shape which as of right now, a natural piece of space debris. Or is it? I didn't know space bodies work like that. We believe the telescope that took this was the NASA SOHO (Solar and Heliospheric Observatory).

UFO right next to the Sun has wings or stabilisers so it can enter the Sun.

In fact I'm been told that "space stuff" does not and never will become animated like this and if it's just a natural space rock, well it would be the same shape always unless an outside force reacts with it for example but that's not happening here. So it leaves the question, lol:

Who the heck is in control of maneuvering this in to the position that we can clearly see it getting in to? I would like to know how them "wings" are been retracted or disappearing from sight and where are they going because if it's solid then it cannot just disappear can it and they're not been ejected.

This UFO near the Sun has changed it's entire shape for some reason.

Is it remotely operated, is it manually operated and if so does the Alien or Aliens on board know about Earth or humans, because if the possible entity or entities looks this way they can probably see the Earth, right? In fact all it has to do is scan the frequencies and they'll pick something up from us, right.

I'm not sure but it would definitely have some sort of guidance system I'm thinking and Earth would probably be on it. It would maybe look something like what we saw on prometheus the movie? I know it can't be a screen glitch but it doesn't work like that as a glitch is well, a glitch and not focused on any one specific thing on the screen following it across the screen I might add, yes.

Here is the video of this amazing Sun UFO anomaly:

So it would seem that this is a very recent event like within a week? It implies that from the date in the bottom left corner. It looks very legit this video. Is this real or not, i'm not sure but this is one heck of a video and if real then it is historic. This is the only text that came with the video, Otro OVNI cerca del sol?

Here's the date I screen captured off the video:

The date screen grabbed from the UFO near the Sun video.

This means that it was from only what a few days ago so is this connected to all the other massive UFOs been seen going in to the Sun? Is this a "thing" that we're going to see again because it's been seen before? It would seem so as we have repetitive behaviour, but so far there is no way of knowing when these will turn up, if at all again? But they definitely have been there before near our Sun as here's some images of a couple below:

Really huge Mothership UFO which is planet sized sucking energy from the Sun.

These two are exceptional images from near the Sun which is amazing.

Really huge unknown UFO which is planet sized going close to the Sun.

These images are a close up image of a UFO Mothership type UFO near our Sun, here is the link to the post we did. There's many, many actual post's right across the web with unusual videos showing huge UFOs and planet sized "things" near or even going in to the Sun and yes it's very strange indeed.

We need explanations that can make sense of what we're looking at because this is really anomalous and there seems to be many examples of these planet sized anomalies turning up but where from? I get that scientists will say these are planets etc but planets do not behave like that, no way.

Is there a way to look back and trace it's steps or rewind the tapes so-to-speak in finding their points of origin, maybe? There must be some sort of explanation out there, but what is it. Please give us your opinions and let us know what you think about this strange and very "highly unusual"event. Also, please share this post, cheers guys. I really do not think this is a comet at all.

Source ufostar.ovnis Instagram.
Source Solar and Heliospheric Observatory.
Source Ufosfootage.

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  1. Our Sun is thought to be able to help massive Ovni UFOs travel through space or even assist these crafts by becoming a refuelling station (literally) for these huge spaceships. Official images and real time line images show "intelligent made crafts" coming and going from the Sun.


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