UFO Admitted To By The Netherlands Local Military And Government

UFO Orb in the Netherlands caught on camera.

Here's a really good UFO Orb case from the Netherlands.

This is a case that was investigated by the UFO Magazine guys and apparently this UFO Orb was admitted to by the local Government and Military so a part from the "local Military and the local Government"

UFO Orb in the Netherlands caught on camera.

I have decided to post this because it looks very similar to my very last post on UFO Sightings Footage (see post) and it could be linked? I'm not sure of the date but it definitely looks exactly like the one very recently? It has the white ball or "Orb" look and is white which intensifies.? There's no more information on the Instagram page?

Here's the video.

Here's what it says with the video:

One more case confirmed by our investigation team, orb filmed in Holland is indeed a UFO, the case was admitted by the local military and government.

Here's an image from the recent post I did, see the similarities:

An Orb UFO caught on camera in the US.

Source Ufomagazine Instagram.
Source UFO Magazine Wikipedia.
Source UFO Sightings Footage post.


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