Vimana Was Discovered In A Secret Underground Chamber In India

Ancient Vimana found in India in a Temple that is over 2,000 years old.

Image Credit/Praveen Mohan

Vimanas are ancient historic machines that had mystical, spiritual and otherworldly powers. These were UFOs but then identified and instead of calling them spaceships they had their own names especially given to them. A tangible thing only gets this kind of name! They was real, are real and one was found.

Actual video footage of an ancient secret underground chamber has surfaced and what a video it is. The video below is from the Phenomenal Travel Videos YouTube channel and it's a really superb. The description of the video says that "experts" have confirmed the video is real and authentic but that's it? I'm not sure but the video does indeed look very real and if so, then this is cool. Here is a tiny bit of what it says:

The locked doors sealing off the secret underground chamber at the Srirangam Temple in India.

Image Credit/Praveen Mohan.

Praveen Mohan quote:
A week after this chamber was opened, authorities completely closed it and sealed with granite blocks and metal doors, which is what you see here (in the video). There is no way to enter or examine it now. What was inside the underground vault which was so secretive, that the entire structure had to be sealed off?

Most of the comments on the video by YouTube viewers are very positive and compliment Praveen Mohan in the video for all his efforts over the years so this is probably only one of many discoveries he has made so it's probably worth checking out the other videos he's uploaded aswell?

The Temple in Srirangham India dedicated to Vishnu said to have a Vimana in secret underground chamber.

Image Credit/Richard Mortel from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia - Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple, dedicated to Vishnu, in Srirangam, near Tiruchirappali (24), CC BY 2.0, 

There's more to this discovery as it is a series of events that this guy has put together. Some are calling Praveen the modern day Indiana Jones which is spot on, he is out there doing great things, well done buddy.

There's ancient carvings in the chambers and other indicators that has been picked up on which again only someone with intimate knowledge of the ancients of India could be picked up on.

Praveen is dedicated to getting to the bottom of this riddle, mystery and world changing piece of technology if it ever comes to the public eye. What the authorities in India did is suspicious and like I say, there is a suspicious feeling about the whole event.

Here's the awesome video by Praveen Mohan of the Phenomenal travel Videos YouTube channel and I suggest watching it all.

From the ancient world of India in a place called Srirangam, something very spectacular was hidden away for thousands of years. That something was a Vimana. This is a flying machine said to exist and in many, many ancient texts, books, artworks and legends and myths it does. You'll find lots of references to a Vimana in most ancient Alien and ancient history legends. The list is quite extensive and that tells me one thing, that it did in fact or does still exist? It seems that the evidence is quite clear and overwhelming, therefore it would be likely that it exists somewhere?

Is that why the doors where literally broken down! Is that why it's all been hushed over. Why is the government always quiet on these things? It all points to this secret underground chamber definitely existing and the contents existing. I mean, who breaks down an ancient Temple door, double doors in fact? It is all a complete mystery.

I recommend you check out the YouTube channel Phenomenal Travel Videos and subscribe. He's already got a huge following and a massive archive of great videos for you to watch straight away and it's just waiting for you.

He was also featured in the major popular TV show Ancient Aliens on the History channel if that helps.

The carved symbol and the doorway above the doors at the Temple in India.

Image Credit/Praveen Mohan.

Vimana discovered in secret underground chamber in Srirangam in India by the authorities who have tried their hardest and damnedest to secure it, recover it, hide it, cover it up and then deny it? Is it the Indian Men In Black taking control or is it even more nefarious than that? Either way, Praveen Mohan is on to something here and I wish him all the luck in the world on this discovery and many, many more to come.

Source Phenomenal Travel Videos YouTube.
Source Images Praveen Mohan.
Source Srirangham Temple India.
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