Aliens Caught On Camera Inside UFOs - This Will Blow Your Mind

Alien caught on camera inside a UFO at the controls.

Image Credit/thirdphaseofmoon

Man catches a UFO on camera and we can see the actual Alien inside of this "what looks like a genuine Flying Saucer" at the controls. This video is amazing stuff, really. For some people it's finally the smoking gun proof that "we've" been waiting for. But it reminds me of something else...

Alien caught on camera inside a UFO at the controls.

Image Credit/thirdphaseofmoon

I've seen this type of "thing or UFO" before. Can any of you remember the Turkish UFO incident from 2008 - 2009 (that's when the TUI video was took)? I'll add an image from that amazing video aswell below and then i'll add an image from this recent video for you to see the similarities and compare them yourself.

Alien caught on camera inside a UFO at the controls.

Image Credit/thirdphaseofmoon

The online news source the Daily Star reports: In grainy footage, a mysterious object with bright blue lights is seen behind some trees. When the cameraman zooms in, he spots a grey figure strolling through inside it. From the distance and quality of the video, it is hard to make out who or what the shape is.

But after UFO fanatics Blake and Brett Cousins posted it as part of a live phone-in, their followers were quick to claim it was an Alien Grey – a supposed extraterrestrial being named for its skin colour.

Believer, Brett, likened it to something from famous alien movie Close Encounters, before claiming there is no CGI at play. “It didn’t even look like a human at all.. “It possibly might be something with the government but it’s unexplained. “In my opinion these things come from another planet.”

We just don't know for sure.

Below is the Alien inside of his UFO from 2008 it was called the Turkish UFO Incident. Can you see the similarities? It's definitely an odd coincidence but is this part of the disclosure project I mean for there to be no actual Alien in captivity as yet, must mean that the "powers that be" have got such a grip on the media, the information we do get is probably controlled? It wouldn't surprise me that the "smoking gun" we all see is actually an orchestrated performance?

Image Credit/Turkey UFO Incident

"The objects in the footage have the structure of a specific material that is definitely not made up by any kind of computer animation, balloon, prop, model, or special effects used for simulation in a studio." The Science and Technology Research Board of Turkey.

I'll add the image from the recent video of the similar UFO with Alien inside. I think these even though a decade apart, could be connected somehow as they're both very similar?

Alien caught on camera inside a UFO at the controls from the Turkish UFO incident.
Image Credit/thirdphaseofmoon
Here's a video from that case.

Seriously is it all staged and is even the unwitting publishers actually all been duped? Is there a Bond villain sat somewhere in his underground "futuristic" lair stroking a white cat with a cigarette holder in his mouth, between his teeth! There's something odd about all the similarities and I feel that this could be the same TV company so-to-speak. But I hope not.

In the video:

Another fan then called up offering a different explanation. “I just watched this four times and this Alien Grey, he moves a lot like a human. “He looks like he’s wearing some sort of leggings or pants and his movements are very similar to a man’s – it looks like he’s working on the controls of the ship.”

Not everyone was as convinced by the footage, however. “Nothing but light and mirrors,” one commented. And another agreed, writing: “Looks like someone camping and using fluorescent tube lanterns to light the camp site.” Meanwhile, a set of crop circles appearing in the English countryside has caused a stir.

Here's the awesome video from last year (2017) uploaded to thirdphaseofmoon YouTube.

So after all that's said and done, I seriously don't know what to believe now that I've put images from the Turkish UFO incident and this relatively new UFO incident side by side and I have to admit guys that I feel there's something odd about it all. What do you think, please comment on this post, give us your opinions and say what you think.

Source thirdphaseofmoon YouTube.
Source Daily Star.
Source Turkeyufocase Blog.
Source TurkeyUFOIncident YouTube.

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