3 Finger Alien Onboard NASA Plane SOFIA (Video)

3 fingered Alien onboard NASA plane SOFIA Observatory.

This is the stuff that the Disclosure Project wishes it got it's hands on, well now they can. This is a video showing an actual 3 fingered Alien hybrid because it has the upper body appearance of a human, but fingers of an Alien. Gary McKinnon was right guys. There are Alien Hybrids in the higher echelons of the Government and military. This is creepy, strange, confusing and absolutely breathtaking.

I never thought I'd see an Alien Hybrid in a NASA SOFIA Observatory video, what about you? But yet there it is in the video, in the images and in reality. Here's a bit of the post I researched that has released the story. I traced it back to this:

Just let you know that the original page is in Russian and Google has translated it as best it could, lol.

The alien's hand was caught in a video clip that was distributed by the US aerospace agency itself, which is currently tracking the space object MU69.

Equipment SOFIA - the flying Stratospheric Observatory NASA (NASA's flying Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy) - installed on board the Boeing 747. On July 10, 2017, he and she took to the air to collect additional data on the asteroid 2014 MU69 and to understand what he was like.

The New Horizons probe (the yellow line on the diagram) flies into the Kuiper belt to the asteroid 2014 MU69t (RT1 on the diagram, that is, "Goal # 1).

The asteroid 2014 MU69 was discovered in 2014 with the help of the Hubble Space Telescope. He was spotted in the Kuiper belt - a gigantic cluster of large and small stone and ice blocks located beyond the orbit of Pluto.

A New Horizons probe is being sent to this asteroid, which was recently circling near Pluto and relaying stunning photos of this uncharted world. And then flew on. Now the probe is halfway to the goal. Arrival is expected on January 1, 2019.

The probe will visit the absolutely unexplored region of the solar system,

2014MU69 became the object of further research after New Horizons went to Pluto. NASA decided that the probe could reach the asteroid, reaching incredibly remote areas of the solar system. However, recent observations have aroused fears. Astronomers tried to "spot" the shadow of 2014MU69 at the moment when it passed through the disk of one of the stars.

And they did not "spot" it. There was a suspicion that there is no asteroid at all - at best, it is a swarm of small stones. So, and to fly to him is not very interesting - in the sense of the subsequent research. July 10, 2017 from the side of the observatory SOFIA specialists still managed to photograph the shadow of 2014MU69. They tend to think that an asteroid is a real object, an almost small planet, with a diameter of 25 to 45 kilometers.

Schematic diagram of the experiment on July 10 at the observatory SOFIA: removing the shadow of the asteroid, scientists want to understand what he is.

NASA staff on board the SOFIA filmed a video that illustrates the progress of the research and the situation in the observatory. He posted in Twitter missy. And then one of the Twitter users saw something very strange on the frames - a bony pale hand with three long fingers.

Below is the actual NASA video showing the SOFIA New Horizons Observatory plane with the female Alien Hybrid touching the computer.

Source Sofia,
Source SOFIA Telescope Twitter.
Source KP.RU.Daily.

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