Triangle UFO Hovering Above A Mountain Ridge

Triangle UFO above a mountainous ridge looks like a man made TR3b.

Image Credit/Ovnis

I'm not sure where this was actually filmed but the video itself should be shown alone for the thing could be real? I'm not sure but probably my instincts tell me that the person who filmed this doesn't want to be identified?

Even whistleblowers use anonymity to remain in the shadows so as not to uncover themselves which could allow them to get more stuff in the future if the need arises?

If that's the case it makes sense because of the lack of "even" the location of the Triangle UFO encounter caught on camera? I'm gonna call it a great big "grandiose Triangle UFO Encounter In The Desert".

UFO Triangle TR3b caught on camera.

Image Credit/Ovnis

This has a few things going for it and also against it. You can probably see the fact that the UFO stays in the middle of the screen is a little suspicious unless the person filming this is part of a team studying it?

The blurriness of it, the lack of knowledge actually goes against it and as far as UFOs go, this is one of the more widely recorded and witnessed ones that there is, so... draw your own conclusions? I'm just presenting the evidence as I found it and it's for you to make up your own minds on the validity of the UFO in the video.

UFO Triangle TR3b caught on camera.

Image Credit/Ovnis

The video is real but is the UFO? That's your conundrum. I reckon after all that's said and done this has a 65 percent chance of been real? That doesn't reject it, it just means that if and when any new information arises I'll share that with you and until then I'm reserving my opinion.

Here is the video:

So what do you think about that? It is fascinating and if it's real then wow, but if it's fake then that's one good fake UFO video don't you reckon.

The triangle UFO is a man made craft back engineered from a crashed UFO.

Image Credit/Ovnis

Source Ovnis Facebook.

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