The First Photo Ever Of An Alien Inside UFO Right Here

Photograph of an Alien inside of a real UFO by Italian journalist.

Image Credit/Dr Roberto Pinotti

The very first photo of an Alien inside of a UFO was taken by an Italian journalist. This is historic in nature, it's a first of its kind and it's from a while ago which makes me think "has this been verified or researched yet"? Has someone caught a better image of another Alien before this one and is that one "as yet undisclosed to the public?"

Because that's the general purpose of calling something by the monica "the very first ever".

Image Credit Dr Roberto Pinotti

Italian journalist photographs an Alien inside UFO.

It's just that history has always worked this way and that's generally how that particular line of naming something works. It's the first one up until now - kind of thing. So have we yet more to come? Or is this a unique and exciting one off Alien photo? I'm going to put money on the idea that there's still more to come...

Italian journalist photographs an Alien inside UFO.

I found this extraordinary image while researching Alien encounters and Alien proof and also Alien's, the physical evidence.

This photo stood out to me and it stood out like a lone cabbage in a field.

It's very, very rare that an actual image or rather photograph of an Alien inside of an actual UFO surfacers so imagine the reaction to this one, at that time?

It could be a long, sophisticated (for the time) hoax but that's not for me to suggest or conclude. I' only research and gather the information and I tend to put it against other examples of the same type of UFO or anomalies etc but in this case what is the procedure? If I can (although this been the first Alien photo) it's hard to put another example up to compare them both. Only the Turkish UFO incident comes close. So then it all rests on the story by the eye witness or witnesses?

It's the story that we need to examine and albeit there's an image, well history shows that photographs can be and have been hoaxed.

Image Credit/Dr Roberto Pinotti

Images of inside of the UFO by Dr Roberto Pinotti Italian journalist.

Here's the story I researched:

"The Friendship case".

The pictures of a "human-like alien" and "control panel (image above) inside a flying saucer" are being published in a new book (link below). The grainy black and white images appear to show inside a cockpit with seating, control panel and other objects. There is also what looks like a person wearing sunglasses that is said to be a "real alien visitor".

According to staggering claims in the book UFO Contacts in Italy, which is about so-called alien contact and abductions in the country, a flying saucer landed in Francavillia, Italy on the Adriatic Coast. Dr Roberto Pinotii, 73, author of the book, which was published on February 1, 2018 spoke about what is claimed happened.

He said: "Two men were allowed to enter the UFO and take photographs. The diameter of the UFO was 24 metres, that of the control cabin was 10 metres. "These rare and extraordinary photographs, as well as two photographs of the alleged extraterrestrial pilot."

The extraordinary events are said to have happened in October 1957. He added: "Much of the information in this book is being published in English for the very first time. "The book contains a whole array of UFO/alien contact cases from Italy but surely one of the most unusual incidents is this one from 1957. "It is the only case that I am aware of that allegedly has photographs of the inside of the UFO. "What was destined to be called 'the Friendship case' started near Pescara between 1956 and 1957.

"A group of local residents seems to have been involved in periodic regular contacts with humanlike extra-terrestrial 'friends' willing to help mankind. "These beings would have built underground bases on Earth and in Italy the most important one would have been in the central zone of the peninsula along the Adriatic coast not far from Pescara." It is claimed the "contact" in the area went on for 20 years and even Italian diplomat Consul Alberto Perego witnessed events. Sceptics say the pictures and the case are just another elaborate hoax.

Photograph by Italian journalist Dr Pinotti of inside a UFO.

Image Credit/Dr Pinotti

Publisher Phillip Mantle said: "Roberto Pinotti is an aerospace journalist and author and the main Italian scholar in ufology, with a degree in politics and sociology from the University of Florence. "He is the only living founder of Italy’s Centro Ufologico Nazionale (CUN), one of the world’s oldest and most authoritative private UFO study organisations formed 50 years ago."

He was formerly an officer of the NATO Italian Army III Missile Brigade. He claims to have cooperated with the Italian Intelligence community as a consultant for UFOs and been given important official documents by the Italian Department of Defence.

Source Flying Disk Press.
Source Express.
Source UFO Contacts In Italy Book.

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  1. My sister saw a craft in her 12 foot wide alley, in Saint John, NB, Canada , in the 60's. Inside were 2 aliens looking up at her... She said they had very nice hair?? well, she liked Elvis, so I can only guess , they had Elvis hair, smile.. before she died 1 yrs ago, she told me this and one of her friends that was often at her home; and that I knew as well, was abducted and taken on their craft several times (she did not say that it happened at the time she saw the UFO) .. She told me all this, lately, after he died... He was a loner,, an emigrant from Greece and an introverted single man, with no Greek family here in NB. He wrote all his stories about the abductions in a journal or book. By the time she told me this of course, the journal was no longer around, and would have been thrown away from his rental room with the little he owned.. It would have been written in Greek anyway and I am sure my brother in law would not read it for me anyway, as he is a skeptic. I was lucky my sister told me this much after being silent all those years.

    1. Êtres artificiels photographiés .

  2. I may have something Id be willing to share that is similar to this photo but in video form. The photo is in fact legit by the way.

  3. I can't see what you see. Wish the pic was less cropped.


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