Flying Saucer Caught On Satellite Hiding In Antarctica

UFO or Flying Saucer discovered in Antarctica.

Here's a UFO, Flying saucer or Disk (depending on what you see) that was caught hiding or peeping round the corner in Antarctica. The one thing that is undeniable about this one is the shape of it. It's an older UFO or whatever you prefer to call it but that doesn't mean we shouldn't have a closer look for the first time. If we was to check out all the UFO reports (seriously) there wouldn't be enough years in a century to post on them let alone examine them? I honestly don't know how they do it at MUFON or the other specialised agencies? It's a kind of "pick n mix" that's the only way we can do this and that's the truth. But, it's very interesting let me tell you.

Video at bottom.

UFO discovered peeping round the corner of a mountain in Antarctica.

We haven't got the resources to investigate or research them all so we have to check in on the ones that have the most merit at a glance. That is our best foot first so-to-speak. I'm sure everyone has their own way of researching UFO reports but that's ours. When we get that gut feeling and can see with our eyes that something looks very odd indeed - then that's two things telling us to check it out and that's what we go with. It's very much that simple.

We discovered this a bit back and have only got round to posting about it because like we say, the UFO reports that come in are like a mountain and time waits for nobody so as you get round to one, another 150 have come in that day alone! The likes of MUFON I have to salute, but getting back to this amazing UFO or Flying Saucer, it's in the Antarctica and it looks like it's aware of the satellite? Google Earth, Maps etc has caught that many unusual and anomalous looking things that they themselves are probably by world record standards the single entity with the most UFO reports ever captured?

Looking at things with a slight twist on reality "or different" to people allows us to give you a new perspective on things? That's why we do what we do, we always say that when this gets uninteresting we'll stop. But as you can see by the images and the video, it's definitely as far away from boring as you could ever imagine.

Antarctica has got that many conspiracies attached to it that it's probably got some truth to it? So if you look at the types of conspiracies attributed to Antarctica then your talking underground Alien bases, Aliens in storage, Government facilities and Stargates, portals and an underground "highway" with trains breaking the sound barrier. It's a mind melting but interesting read. If this is a real UFO then it's either Alien or man made, but deciding which one is down to the individual? It could be interdimensional, from the future or a hologram? Yep, there's many, many different possibilities than you might not of thought about, beforehand.

The mountain range where the object was found lies on Antarctica‘s northern coast near Australia.

Here's the post I researched:

What is it with Antarctica lately? More and more mysteries and strange phenomena keep being found on the icy southernmost continent. While I’d like to believe it’s a result of John Carpenter’s masterpiece The Thing, the recent increased attention from mystery hunters is most likely due to one of last year’s Wikileaks revelations involving Antarctica. The whistleblowing website leaked emails belonging to Democratic Party advisor John Podesta which contained unexplained photographs of several strange locations in Antarctica, some of which were claimed to contain evidence of UFOs or other anomalies. Since then, people have been scouring Google Earth images of Antarctica and discovering some surprising things.

Below is another UFO which was apparently discovered by the Russians in Antarctica:

UFO apparently discovered by the Russians.

While most of these have been written off as simply natural ice or rock formations, that hasn’t stopped YouTube detectives from digging up more Antarctic mysteries using Google Earth. Case in point: YouTube sleuths recently posted a video claiming to have discovered a disc-shaped “alien ship” being hidden near the South Pole.

This latest Google Earth find does indeed show some sort of almost perfectly round disc-shaped object poking out from underneath a rock formation.

Secureteam10 video of the Antarctica UFO or Flying Disk anomaly has been taken down but I managed to get some images from it (above).

The coordinates of the object’s location are -66.273354, 100.984661, which you can use to see for yourself on Google Earth. Yes, there is an oddly round something next to these rocks, but there are likely many plausible explanations for the shape. Melting ice could have formed a round depression as it sank into the surrounding snow, or wind could have created a small whirlwind effect as it blew into alcoves in the rock wall.

Just a few months ago, similar claims were made about satellite images which appeared to depict a “pyramid” poking out of the Antarctic snow. Ancient alien theories were naturally thrown around claiming visitors from space built an ancient civilization in Antarctica which was forgotten or intentionally covered up. Geologists, however, begged to differ; they argued that natural pyramid shapes can be found in mountain ranges all over the world.

As the world continues to shrink thanks to satellites, the internet, and worldwide exploration, Antarctica remains one of the last undiscovered frontiers. With so little mystery elsewhere, it’s natural that seekers have turned their attention to the icy South Pole in the search for the unknown. However much we’d all like to find alien ships lodged in the Antarctic ice, this one is likely another case of wanting to believe just a little too much.

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