Google Earth Captured The Moment Man Was Abducted By Alien Grey


A man claims images from Google Earth captured the precise moment an Alien Grey attempted to abduct him in a close encounter of the absurd kind… That's what this story has been branded by the majority of people who come across this, but is?

My point is this really, there's ABSOLUTELY no way that this man could of staged this as he does not know when Google is taking satellite images nor does he have any people working on the inside at Google and that's a fact.

So I'm personally going to stay open-minded about this based on that alone.


John Mooner who just happens to be a Ufologist has revealed that a series of photos on Google Earth show's the moment he was abducted from a street in Torquay, Devon.

This is what the local newspaper is saying about Mr Mooner. Reported the Torquay Herald.


The local newspaper went on to say:

What is more Mr Mooner who claims he ‘cannot remember the incident’ says the images also show him fighting off his extraterrestrial foe by punching it in the face, reports the Torquay Herald.

This is the most extraordinary claim i've ever heard! The following statement by Mr Mooner is just absolutely bizarre but interesting at the same time.

You can clearly make out a person and that "person" is either grappling with another person or something that Mr Mooner describes as an Alien Grey?

But which is it?


The satellite has captured a real Alien abduction taking place according to Mr Mooner.

The shocking thing about this was that it’s me being abducted by a grey alien and the satellite image clearly shows me trying to fight off the grey alien by punching it in the face, said Mr Mooner.


However, it sounds like his attempts to fight back were in vain as Mr Mooner claims the image shows the alien blocked his punch and grabbed his fist before ‘subduing’ him.

He continued: The strangest thing about this captured incident is that I do not remember this taking place at all. I do however remember sporadic episodes of missing time throughout the year of 2016 and going back through the previous years.

I do remember wearing a black baseball cap and shirt. This is definitely me on the satellite image.

He also claims to have further ‘proof’ in the shape of three UFOs he spotted flying in formation which Mr Mooner firmly believes were sent to collect both him and the alien following their encounter.

I don’t want to cast doubt on John’s story, but I’m not convinced any of the evidence he put forward could be considered ‘proof’…

That is what the local media where Mr Mooner lives had to say? But what I have to say about this that there's way to much evidence to say he was abducted by Aliens.

He has "third party unbiased" satellite images which clearly shows an Alien looking entity grappling with Mr Mooner and also images of the UFOs which Mr Mooner says came to collect them after the Alien Grey encounter!

this is Google Earth satellite images which is used by the authorities every single day. It's accepted in any courtroom in any land.

You cannot set up a stage to be caught on Google Earth and especially Aliens and UFOs.

If you can, then please I'm really looking forward to reading that one in the comments.

This is compelling evidence and yes it's compelling proof. I honestly do not know what more evidence the local media near Mr Mooner wants?

I think they want the Alien Greys head on a Platter and because he didn't give it to them, they rubbished his story. That's very wrong. It almost feels like this is the Twilight Zone. It's evidence, it's proof and how many times do I need to say this.

U.S. court allows Google Earth image as legal evidence LINK HERE.

The incident here is absolutely one of wonder and of a credible source and it's called Google.

And bizarre, plus even outright funny.

I think it's funny because this could very well be the absolute first recorded incident of a guy fighting with an Alien Grey?

Is this first time an Alien Grey was photographed fighting with a Human.

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  1. Is this the moment Google Earth actually captured the moment a person was abducted by Alien Greys? This is absolutely one of them moments that "in the right place at the right time" really doesn't do this justice. If this is that perfect moment then this is just jaw dropping. Check this out guys, it's good.


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