UFOs Filmed LIVE Twice On Instagram In Mexico By 2 People

UFOs filmed live on Instagram over Mexico.

5 UFOs where live on Instagram been filmed by an eye witness and it was very close and they're big. The YouTube channel Velvet Kitty have this on their channel and has gained a fair amount of views. The video has what looks like Flying Saucers and that they are hovering around in a formation type grid? They have lights on the diameter of the craft which are white do not blink. The fog makes the video look spooky. People are saying they are stadium lights, read on.

Here is the link to their awesome video and also we are referencing the brother of Velvet Kitty called Esteban Zavala who also had it on his YouTube channel.

5 UFOs filmed live on Instagram over Mexico.

Here is the link for his channel also he is called esteban Zavala - he uploaded it and it's actually the very first time USF has seen an "Instagram live video of a UFO". It's going to be a first for a lot of people aswell because we (the people of the world) are just so used to seeing recorded videos of UFOs?

Then it is given the full treatment of introductions and outros etc and well you get the picture - then someone sends it to their various accounts and channels and that's when we get to see it. But this is different and it's a breath of fresh air if you ask me, even though there's doubts surrounding them being stadium lights or not?

UFOs filmed live on Instagram over Mexico.

My argument is that this was a live Instagram video and they caught it maneuvering around in the sky (or it looked like it was maneuvering that could be the camera moving around), look at how close it is though instead of been way off in the clouds like always.

The proximity is amazing. Some people on YouTube in the comments are saying that these are Stadium lights. I've seen the image of the stadium lights and I honestly don't know what to think because they are circular in shape? I'm putting a link to that image of the stadium lights where he was and you can judge for yourselves. We need the exact coordinates of the video.

UFOs filmed live on Instagram over Mexico.

Here's what the person (eyewitness) who saw this UFO encounter wrote with the video at the time of doing the actual live Instagram video:

Today October 28, 2018 I witness 5 UFOs hovering over Rosarito, Baja California MX. At around 4:23am I was driving back to San Diego, California with my grandmother. We were having a normal conversation when she suddenly went mute and all she could do was point at the sky. I look up and see 5 of these things hovering over homes and the beach. I pulled over and immediately went live on instagram to avoid speculations of video editing and such.


The 2 videos below could very well be of tremendous importance later on down the line as far as Alien and UFO disclosure goes? But at this moment so soon after the incident, let's just all enjoy this fantastic piece of "evidence" and the fact that we've just been given a fantastic piece of the UFO jigsaw. I believe this is 90 percent legit and I believe this could be real. Good video Esteban.

They are both different videos of the same event by the same eye witness recording the UFOs on Instagram. It's a first as far as we know.

Both of these videos shows the UFOs in order as he starts to count them? Having the idea to film these UFOs live on Instagram, I have to take my hat off to him what a good idea. Fantastic videos.

Guys, please visit the YouTube channel to see the videos for yourselves, you can like them and share them from there, thank you.

Source Esteban Zavala youTube Channel.
Source Velvet Kitty YouTube Channel.
Source Imgur.

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