Alien And Humans Working With Each Other At Area 51

Anyone or everyone on the planet Earth has heard of Area 51 which makes it a joke by default. It's the biggest contradiction that there is. It's supposed to be top secret, it's supposed to have Alien technology, Alien bodies, Alien crafts and your not supposed to know that. 

So, it's a joke, right! It's now the autumn of 2020 and the human race has apparently been having the worst luck possible. Wild fires (nearly whole countries were ablaze) floods, wars, immigration like never before, displacement of people, hunger in North Korea, Darfur, Syria, Lebanon, Beirut has had an equivalent of a nuclear bomb go off, the president of the United States caught a virus from a world pandemic which has killed over a million people. I've not mentioned everything, but it's very bad.

We've just had 3 UFO videos declassified and released. The prime minister of the UK caught the Coronavirus virus and was in a coma from the world pandemic. The future King of England had the virus.

Europe is on lockdown.

The economies of most countries have been decimated.

All we need to top it off is an Alien Invasion because we've NEVER, EVER, EVER - BEEN SO WEAK AS A SPECIES. The 2nd and 1st world wars come close. Is the 3rd world war, a war between ourselves for survival...

Anyway, here's the UFO story which seems so bloody insignificant now compared to what I've just written.

Alien an man was definitely working together at Area 51.

There's been tales of Aliens at Area 51 since I can remember? There's been stories of crashed UFOs been taking to Area 51 also. But now we have solid or "concrete evidence" straight from a worker at Area 51 who says that yes they do have Aliens there housed at Area 51 but also that he worked with them side by side.

Straight from the mouth of a 73 year old mechanical engineer who worked at Area 51 between the years 1966 to 15979 (now turned) whistleblower. At 18 seconds in to the video note how he specifically says "this particular one that I worked on".

This is the image said to look like or be J-Rod the Alien Grey.

Because if like me, I understand this to mean that there's more? This particular one, could simply mean that he's not aware of anymore but so there's no confusion if there is more, well he means that one?

Checking out the website "The Kingman UFO Crashes" I was right, there was two UFOs that crashed. So maybe the other stuff that he said and I was looking in to what he said or reading between the lines, was actually correct aswell...

Area 51 employee whistleblower talking about working side by side with an Alien Grey at Area 51.

He also states that there were four "feeling good and full of life guys" (his own words) or Extraterrestrials that were recovered from the crashed UFO called The Kingman.

Then taken to the Nevada test site. He was a test pilot who trained others also and that he flew flying disc simulators.

Flying Saucer under a cover been transported in a box.

Initially the Aliens were taken to Mexico but so much later they were taken to the Nevada test site. He was working on this Flying Disc simulator to train pilots to fly this strange looking craft (which tells me that they reverse engineered the craft and made a full scale Flying Saucer) and that's why we don't have any UFO videos of Jets actually shooting at or shooting down ANY UFO whatsoever.

It was now also designed for humans to fly it as opposed to just the Alien Greys flying it. Which this would suggest to me that even though these Aliens were by all accounts two legged, with two arms one head etc, they could have 3 fingers - but it's a leap to think that.

I believe this because he makes a note to say it (the Flying Saucer) was redesigned for humans to now fly. 

But that's just my assumption as I'm trying to read in to what he actually means with what he carefully says?

Because the way we speak, there are certain phrases that when said could mean very specific things or other phrases could mean a variety of different things? So trying to read what a trained mechanical engineer who worked at Area 51 says is like reading a book, I believe it's that simple as these are very, very honest guys working at Area 51.

They have to be the most honest guys because their employers at Area 51 does not need a secretive or devious person working there! Nobody knows they work there at Area 51 as the secret itself was working at Area 51, right. So they "should" have no need to lie, cover up or tell stories to anyone etc as like I say, they have to be all round good guys and decent.

They're heavily vetted, look in to in every way possible with a fine tooth comb to see if they're a security risk? A dishonest, lying person is a security risk right? I believe this guy. He's telling the truth about J-Rod I fully believe that.

There are a few "thousand" other Alien Greys just like J-Rod out there who communicate through telepathy using your own voice in your mind. But that's a story for another day.

Source Superemposed YouTube.
Source The Kingman UFO Crashes.

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