UFO Changed Shape On Camera At ISS

This UFO will split in to two UFOs and it will change its own shape just before it.

NASA footage of a UFO going behind the International Space Station (ISS) has surfaced which shows it as it turned in to a flat, Flying saucer type "disc" from being an Orb and then just before it disappeared behind the ISS it even turned in to 2 UFOs by splitting itself. This is simple, it's a quick video but it's absolutely stunning. I've never seen a UFO in space split in to two UFOs have you?

NASA are regularly cutting the live feed from their own TV channel and it always is because of something coming in to view which they don't like the look of but we actually think it's the best part of the live feed. So yeah we're at odds with what NASA "thinks" is important and interesting and what we know is important and most definitely interesting. They should be zooming in on it, they should be examining it?

In fact they should get a guy or woman to quickly go live on the audio and start telling us what we're looking at? That would clear up any mistakes on their behalf or should I say their technical difficulties because it seems to me that they've got the worst set up in all of recorded history. If they're using this kind of technology then we're all absolutely not getting to Mars, we're not going back to the Moon and we need to pray for those poor astronauts.

Seriously, I mean seriously! What are the odd's that everytime there's a technical fault with the "amazing" live feed that some strange looking object or "unknown" object comes in to view? How strange is that? I'll tell you the odds, it's gotta be something like one billion to one that there's always an object coming in to view when they experience these difficulties. Could someone count how many times NASA has used this excuse when a UFO is sighted and the TV goes down? That would be interesting to know the stats on this one.

So the UFO we are seeing in the below video, comes in to view and even though it's brief there's enough for us to see the "thing" change shape and then it starts to either break apart or the theory which I believe more is that this is peeling off another UFO as this could be a sort of UFO which is totally new to everyone. It's either that or this is just a piece of debris in space breaking apart but even I know that there has to be some sort of force to do this as there's nothing in space?

We can see in the image below that it definitely did splitt off an actual other Orb UFO and it's not the light. This is a filter I used to bring out the definition of the outlines of the UFOs. Both crafts can be seen, one splitting off and the other one just going behind the ISS.

This ISS footage of a the UFO definitely split off an Orb UFO.

There's no gravity or drag and aerodynamics don't apply here so what force is tearing off a piece of the UFO if any is at play here.

One thing is for sure though, the astronaut that captured this video was totally aware of this as the camera operator follows it and we see this action because the camera judders briefly as it's been turned in the UFOs direction. That though, opens up a whole other reality and set of questions for next time.

Timeline showing the UFO changing shape which is absolutely stunning.

Seeing the UFO split in to 2 UFOs is really quick but it is slowed down enough for you to see it. Are NASA aware of Aliens around the ISS, I absolutely have no doubt whatsoever in my mind that these UFOs are known to NASA and that they know for sure about the existence of Aliens.

An actual UFO splits apart in space right at the ISS.

The below video is only short but it's sweet and is a NASA video which definitely shows us that even though just a small bit of the footage can reveal a ton of information about the UFO. In this case there's a UFO changing it's actual shape and it literally splits in to two UFOs just like a protein molecule (the image below) which can split in to two just from one molecule.

Yeast cell splitting in to 2 protein molecules just from one. it's fascinating that this UFO could even act like this don't you think? Some would say it's impossible but yet there it is on cameras from NASA showing us exactly that.

I've referenced a few sources that have similar videos showing white UFO Orbs and other videos at the ISS. I think this is important as it shows a consistent presence or at least it shows a persistent presence of UFOs turning up at the ISS. These UFOs are coming for something? They might be turning up like birds are been drawn in to feeding tables in peoples gardens by a promise of something? In this case, maybe it's us, maybe it's technology or just the fact that it's different and it's curious.

Yeast cell splitting in to two.

A yeast cell splitting into two, taking the protein molecule count to a hefty 84 million. DR GOPAL MURTI/SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY/GETTY IMAGES

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