Ancient Mars Relics Which Points To Life Exiting At One Time

Strange head of a Pharoah statue is on Mars, that's it doing there.

Is it a statue of a strange Alien being or an artist (Martian artist) rendering of a fictional character? If it's a statue then we have to ask these questions, right?

I believe that Mars was once thriving, I believe that there was a civilisation which once flourished and could (and did) achieve things that we couldn't even think about because of how young a civilisation that we are at present. I also truly believe that it ended itself. Why do I (along with thousands of other people) believe this theory?

Because if you look at Mars as a whole and you take "everything" you know about it, what's been uncovered recently and in the relative past and also what's been discovered, explored and witnessed (because God knows we've witnessed some unusual stuff that the Rovers have come across).

You start to see all the hallmarks of an ancient peoples, an ancient species or race of intelligent beings which definitely lived on Mars, they built on Mars and they just disappeared? Poof, like a puff of smoke. Was it a big bang of their own as in a war lor was it just their time to end? It was such a long time ago that when we've come along the humans, we can "just make it out" but it's definitely there.

You start to reveal the civilisation relics left behind from long, long ago the further the Rover goes and as time goes by. I mean it's there, it's in the images etc. Archeologists digging here in the future will have a fantastic time that I can near enough guarantee

The remains of a entity is discovered on Mars by the Mars Rover.

From an apparent soldier stalking the Rover, the Pyramids, the skeletons, the gun, the "half of tank" yes half of what I call a tank. It looks like the top part of the tank, the swiveling turret and it still has the business end in tact.

The huge gun is still there, pointing outwards as if its focused on an invisible enemy installation threatening it.

It even looks like it could be a remotely accessed and operated (now decayed and useless) defensive weapon? Just plonk it down and run for cover, flip open the "Alien laptop" scan the distance and start remotely firing. Seriously check this out:

What looks like a tank turret on Mars with gun in tact.

These images are either just that they so happen to look like a "thing" which we would recognise or it's nature and rocks which we call pareidolia. seeing things which we recognise through shapes and outlines. Some would say there's no way it can be anything other than oddly shaped rocks and weirdly familiar looking natural stone formations.

All images belong to NASA, links to NASA's multimedia gallery and archives are at the bottom in the sources section.

Here is an odd shaped object on Mars that looks totally intelligently made.

But and here's the big but:

With the US' massive "unstoppable" push to get a man on Mars it makes me wonder why the need to go? We can do near enough everything we need to just by been around it with satellites? The experiments they can do by remote is practically everything? The robotics industry complex is doing this. The robots now can manipulate experimental equipment with ease. They could in theory with signal boosters, relays etc even carry out experiments in precise order from Earth (in theory).

Martian Archaeology has a great little video right here and it shows what people all over the world are thinking, finding and asking questions about. But who can answer them? It's gotta be up to us as a people to use common sense and understand that we can't be alone in the universe so these images could be proof of life at least one time existing other than humans.

Source NASA Mars Rover Images.
Source Martian Archaeology YouTube.
Source Reference Pressan DV.IS.

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