Real Evidence Of Building Construction On Mars

huge anomaly on Mars looks like a building construction cross beam.

Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech
Here is an unusual and very man made looking piece of metal that was actually found by NASA's Mars Rover. The link to this amazing and "unnatural looking" piece of debris on Mars so you can check up on the actual RAW image for yourself?

There's a lot of really strange artefacts that are stranding out for me on Mars, but this is probably one of the more weirder artefacts (relics) because this is intelligently made or at least it's theorised that this could be indeed intelligently made. But is it?

A piece of unusual debris or relic on Mars discovered by the Rover.

I don't know is the simple answer but I'm not put off in believing that this could be made by an Alien civilisation and that's because I know exactly what Mars has thrown up over the years from people researching Mars images "all from NASA's archives" which have been discovered in images.

That's the key to all this is that it's all NASA owned images! NASA is the one who makes, plans, put in to action all the Mars missions and for them just to ignore the end results seems bonkers! So are they ignoring these images and the weird and wonderful "exotic looking" relics.

I bet there are times when the Mars Rovers have gone down "all of a sudden" and they have secretly gone to a downed UFO or something to check it out and then they've come back to the same exact place they "went down".

Simply by retracing their wheel prints and it just miraculously wakes up and carries on with it's business, I mean who would know right? Because them wheel revolutions are ALL planned in advance. So just put the exact same plans in to the code and Bob's your uncle.

But this is probably one of the more unusual because it absolutely looks like nothing in particular but yet it does look in general like a steel beam from a building or construction site. I'm adding an image of a bean so you get what I mean:

Steel beam image showing what it could be on Mars.

So if your wondering on why people are finding or discovering so many weird anomalies and very "man made looking objects" then your in the right place and your not alone.

There is a whole bunch of people looking or searching through these amazing images.

Source NASA Multimedia (Raw Image/1083).

This image was taken by Navcam: Right B (NAV_RIGHT_B) on-board NASA's Mars rover Curiosity on Sol 1083.

(2015-08-24 00:15:29 UTC).

NASA's SOL 1083 Raw Images archive with 273 images in total for SOL 1083.

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