Prometheus Looking UFO Streaks Across The French Sky

UFO that looks like the Prometheus movie spaceship.

This might possibly be the best UFO footage I've seen since I first got in to Ufology. It's now 2020 and I have still not seen any of the so called evidence yet which validates the hoax theory. Anyway, let's get on with the amazing eye witness video. The UFO speeds in from the right and it looks like it's changing it's shape and colour. It's moving so fast it's hard to know if it's changing at all. I related it to the Prometheus spaceship because of the half Moon shape which is the oddest shape you can imagine it to be. UFOs exist, that's not even a question anymore but what is a question is whether or not this is a real UFO video?

It might be the shadows and the light reflecting off the thing itself but it's definitely something under intelligent control? It's probably metallic, it's more than likely already on someone's radar and it's been tracked. At the beginning of the video it looks like it could just be a white ball of light.

Then it goes in front of the clouds and it's right there and then when it looks like it is changing it's colour (which I'm sure it is). If the black patch (which wraps around the UFO) would of been visible from the start then I might of made a different decision - so that's why I'm thinking this is changing it's shape and colour?

Close up of the UFO speeding across the French skies.

Then it turns white again (fully white, all of it) and that black patch disappears and that's when it changes shape again (maybe) it's changed shape in to what we all know as the Prometheus look. It has a Battlestar Galactica look going on. It's travelling in the direction which the thing is facing with the front end being the backwards letter "C".

UFO over France that is super fast and looks like the letter U.

I'm really split in half about this UFO because it looks like it is an Alien craft because of how fast it's moving. There's no visible propulsion and it's not got an exhaust so with that said and done I'm edging towards this being one of two things number one it's an Alien craft or number two this is a remotely controlled, anti gravity vehicle made by mankind with an "as yet not public" propulsion system? A few people have commented online that this UFO is part of a secret government project? Some have said it's actually a secret government weapon and they are experimenting on us all.

Of course I'm reminded about the movie Prometheus and yes it definitely could be someone playing a  joke or a hoax on unsuspecting people who will definitely record it flying around the sky or it could be someone just out flying this miniature craft for fun.

Because the camera was so far away from it, we just can't see the little propeller on the front of it? It could even be CGI and the video has been tweaked around with until it looks exactly the same as it does in the video right now?

Either way, this is a great video with great potential and it definitely needs looking in to more. This UFO video needs to be investigated and where exactly in Southern France on the 14th of June 2018 was it videoed?

The superfast UFO speeding across France looks like a helmet.

Apparently it was filmed possibly near The inland region of Midi Pyrénees? The video was originally uploaded to YouTube by ZealotInAll Black3 but for some reason that channel no longer exists.

Who exactly recorded this amazing UFO video? Is there an eye witness statement or testimony and can we still investigate this without any of the stuff I've just mentioned? It's very strange as another website called Galactic Connection has this UFO as been spotted over Vancouver, Canada? So which is it?

Here's the amazing video from the good guys at Now You Know on YouTube:

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