Is That A UFO Connected And Docked At The ISS

Updated image from NASA.
Credit NASA/ISS.

I've never seen anything like this in the many years that I have researched UFOs. There's something attached to the ISS and it definitely should not be there at all! It's almost certainly Alien in nature because if it was one of ours it would not look like that. This is a recent update within the last month uploaded to the Rush NZ YouTube channel.


Here before us, we see a long light yellow UFO parked with the astronauts onboard the ISS more than likely knowing of this which makes me conclude... Aliens and NASA had a meeting. I am sure this is being looked into by NASA lol and we are just waiting for their analysis of the unknown origin craft attached to the ISS. It's just one of many anomalous events that they have had, but to catch it on video is mind-blowing.


This is not a glare... notice how the light changes and the UFO is a solid object near the ISS. It looks small, but it is about 10 meters across or more. I sure would like to be a fly on the wall during that meeting. SCW

That was a quote from the website UFO Sightings Daily. By SCW. (Scott Waring)

Alien spaceship seen on live NASA TV docked with the ISS.

Here is a shocking video and image from only 10 years ago in 2014 showing "the entire world" what looks bizarrely like a UFO and is docked with the International Space Station. My question is this:

Are these Aliens, seen here having a possible meeting with humans?{alertInfo}

NASA are not even hiding this meeting or switching to the blue screen, yet! They eventually do switch off the live feed but not for a while. Someone is going to be getting an email! This was uploaded by Streetcap1 to YouTube but since has unpublished it or it's just not available anymore Rush NZ YouTube channel has a fairly recent upload of the Discovery Channel TV show and shows a clip from NASA's Unexplained Files and shows us what could quite be history in the making albeit we don't need NASA to confirm it anymore because we have eyes and UAP disclosure.

Maybe NASA wants us to make our own decisions based on their evidence. We are very capable of making ownoown decisions through logical, critical thinking. That shouldn't be there attached to the ISS and NASA cut the live feed but allowed us to see it briefly. Also, top researchers are asking questions about it as well.

Alien spaceship seen on live NASA TV docked with the ISS.

Something is going on and someone knows something? Rush NZ YouTube channel has blatantly asked NASA for answers but it would seem as though nobody has got the message from NASA because it seems nobody has gotten back, to them yet.

Is NASA going to disclose to the world that Aliens really do exist, soon.

This is a very unusual image indeed and can you imagine if this is a genuine and actual real Alien visitation? This has to be one of the most mind-blowing captures of Aliens if true.

Guys it's been reported wildly and people have got into one of two camps! It's true and NASA is hiding the truth and it's fake and only come from a guy who never even worked at NASA?

The story is that a guy claims to of worked at NASA and he's got images etc to prove he did but most Google searches of him only bring up conspiracy sites.

UFO actually docked at the International Space Station.

There are some amazing videos out there showing what looks like UFOs around the International Space Station but to have a video from NASA showing an Alien spaceship docked with the ISS, well that just blows my mind because if this is true then we're looking at mankind's most important event ever.

Below is the full video taken from NASA's live feed channel on UStream video above.

With NASA there is always an element of mistrust (it's just the way it is) so why should we trust one of their videos? Why shouldn't we just take all their videos with a pinch of salt? If NASA puts out a video or an image showing a strange anomaly, conspiracy theorists are very quick to jump on them and shout look here's the proof of Aliens!

Are they justified when seeing things like this NASA UFO video.

But on the other hand, they say NASA are denying the truth by covering up the anomalies. Have they faked their Mars videos, and Moon images and did they faked the Moon landing etc, which is it? Does NASA withhold the truth and do we need NASA's approval especially when we have the evidence before us? I judge all individual images and videos on a take it as you see it basis?

Please share your thoughts on this please and don't forget to share this post, thank you.{alertInfo}

Source NASA Live TV UStream.

Image Credit: Rush NZ, Rush NZ YouTube, Reference UFO Sightings Daily.

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  1. We never know how far NASA or the government communicates with aliens, there is even the possibility that their relationship is very close to inviting each other to drink coffee


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