Coordinates For Real Moon Base | Aliens On The Moon

If you are doubting that there's Aliens or UFOs or insufficient evidence to really back up any claims to Aliens existing or indeed real UFOs then you need to get a drink and sit down because this is the best and most well documented proof of off world activity.

It takes a lot to convince people about Aliens as it sounds stupid, but when anyone is faced with this "official NASA image of the Moon" and non tampered with images - on Google Maps from satellites no less, we have to at least hear it out.


Then, it's time to at least hear out the arguments for Aliens - I mean really listen and really understand them and what's been presented!

There's just that little bit more evidence to support the Alien theory, as opposed to the "were all alone in this vast, vast ocean of empty blackness" theory. I don't think this is a human Moon base.

Put like that, it almost kind of seems like it's just another day at the footsteps of history, right...

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Or like "who cares" anymore and that if Aliens exist, who's really bothered, right?

It has no bearing or impact on my life so what's all the fuss about?

The fuss will come after the declaration that Aliens exist.

  • It will come in the form of insanity
  • Paranoid delusions and thoughts
  • DNA tests will sky rocket
  • Claims will reach new heights that people are descended from Aliens
  • Everything will be called in to question and Tesla will be labelled Alien

Einstein will be considered, for possible collusion with or indeed he himself could be at least "part Alien".

I'm not kidding, that's what I think would happen if it was declared Aliens exist!

Then there's Isaac Newton and lets not forget the calculus affair, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz might even of stolen calculus from Aliens instead of Newton or vise a verse.

Religion and prophets, plus saints and people who really did influence human timelines in ancient history - all the way from Julius Caesar to Napoleon and Pharaohs.

It's going to be called in to question!

The list is endless and maybe, just maybe everything might become so weird that we'd have to change from 2019 AD and BC (the way we acknowledge our timelines) to 2019 ADA = Anno Domini Aliens? Or Anno Domini Extraterrestrial so it might be ADE?

With the inclusion of Da Vinci, Nostradamus, Hitler, Churchill, Stalin, Lenin, Roosevelt and that's not including living possibilities.


Everyone and anyone who has at one time done something amazing, changed history or had "strange" influences in the past will all come under scrutiny.

It seems insane right now, but allow yourself to imagine for a minuet that Aliens was just declared as real.

What would follow as a direct result...

Immediate scrutiny of everyone that you know will come under scrutiny, especially the people who you do not like - will all come under scrutiny.

The people that you really don't like, you will already be on the phone telling someone about your "suspicions".

Here's the video:

Human behavior is absolutely 100 percent predictable. That's why you can go and take a degree in it, because it's testable and repeatable and the results are always the same and I quote:

Human Behavior Degrees and Majors.

Students interested in studying human behavior can pursue associate or undergraduate degrees in psychology, and may go on to obtain master's degrees in counseling or doctoral degrees in sub-fields of psychology.

Maybe this is why the Alien question and subsequent answer hasn't yet been released to the public because guys, you may think your not predictable.

But no matter how many intelligent layers you think there are to your behavior, you are predictable.

And that is more than likely why the public has been deliberately kept in the dark.

Otherwise we might go outside and start shooting at water towers and stringing up just the people that we don't like, that's a fact!

That actually happened in real life, look it up.

Anyways, if your asking me if this is a real Moon base (after reading this) then I've got to say, sort of.

My answer is that it's an entrance to a Moon base.

It can be found on the Google Moon viewer at coordinates 22042'38.46N and 142034'44.52E.

Source Google Maps. Source Dailymail.
Source WowForReeel YouTube.

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  1. Here's the actual coordinates for the Moon base and even though it could be a man made Moon base, I'm convinced that this is an Alien Moon base as we've apparently never had chance to excavate or dig at any rate a Moon base. The video is great to this.


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