Former Head of Pentagon's Secret UFO Program Tells The Truth At Last

Something extraordinary is about to be revealed and you can feel it in your fingers to do with Aliens not UFOs as that's already happened.

Former high-level officials and scientists with deep black op's experience, ultimate clearance, and free to do whatever they want with impunity (who have always remained in the shadows) are now stepping out, into the light - so-to-speak.


Image Canva/UFO Sightings Footage.

These insiders have long - standing "unofficial" connections to government agencies which may have on - going programs and all are investigating unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP).

In layman's terms, by default they're investigating Aliens then other countries advanced technology.

They intend to move into the private sector and to make all declassified information, and any future knowledge, available for all to see which is definitely good, depending on how you perceive it. Is it a deliberate red herring, deliberate confusion.

Lot's of the stuff they intend to reveal is in their heads, like opinions and suggestions based on work they have done in the past. It has to be all above board though and legal otherwise they wouldn't be able to do it and apply their own names etc. 

Skip to the juicy part (below) of this story if you don't want to read on about why what they do is wrong, the person blowing the lid off the shadowy figures and shadowy Government. It's marked with ¶

There was lot's of paperless op's and "leave no trail" or hint of anyone been there, saw anything and did nothing! Nobody can confirm anything if they don't know about it so keep it hidden, off the books, out of conversations with "others" and definitely do not reveal what has gone on, later in life by books or whistleblowing.

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This is the "equivalent" of a whistleblower, a rebel cause, a trouble maker and the Governments don't like these types of "people" or "groups of people" because they tend to expose their lying, cheating inappropriate ways!


Image - History.

Seriously, it's not really about protecting national security or in the countries best interests as to why you or me should not know about recovered UFOs.

It's as simple as money and them lying and cheating and they don't want to get caught.

Because you and me, we own them. They belong to the public but they won't think that way. They don't like to think that the public put them there and that's where the "I deserve this", mentality comes in. 

Lying about Aliens and cheating the public out of very profitable technology gained from recovered UFOs - which all by the way (I'll say it again) belong to the people! By default, the public purse funds and enables these black ops.

The government is there by the will of the people all discoveries belong tom the people.

Not one company or politician personally owns any recovered or crashed UFO. That should be a fact right?

But these clowns get greedy like, really, really "fat kind of greedy" and start to funnel the money into black budgets, into secret programs all of which are designed to ensure it's own survival.

Secret programs are a refection of secretive politicians.

It could be why agencies don't talk to each other as they all know what each other is doing and don't like it - as not knowing, well they can legally say they didn't know...

What'$ in it for politicians then lol.

Their own survival, career wise and personally.
They don't want to hand over "control of money that doesn't exist" so they keep it.

Now do you get this "enormous corrupt picture".
It's deep, very deep and this is only scratching the surface as you can apply this to lots of areas.
Whatever they say doesn't exist and the public buys it, they get to keep.


Above image - sighting over Lubbock, Texas August 25th, 1951.

It might be wrong, I could be wrong. Yes, there's a chance that I could be wrong but why else deny something (by saying nothing) so strong, that we all know is true?

They have to take it with them, because it doesn't exist and the more they say "things" don't exist, the more they get to walk away with, duh!

I'll say it again, any and all technology recovered from UFOs belongs to the people by rights.

All profits should go to the treasury and NOT to their personal bank accounts, in their dogs name.

Are you beginning to see why recovering a UFO is now profitable and it's in their interests to cover it up?

Are you now seeing why they go to "ANY and ALL" lengths to shut up these brave whistleblowers? They're not protecting national interests, they're protecting their own interests!

This is why they have no comment because they've been rehearsing the silence (how to say nothing when questioned) under any circumstances!

They stay quiet!

Basically, admit nothing and deny everything through silence.

Here's what Live Science (link below to full story) had to say about the Pentagons secret UFO program:

Continues from the above point.

Intelligence officer Luis Elizondo served as the former director of the Pentagon's Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP), an initiative launched in 2007 to study reports of UFO encounters.

Elizondo departed the Pentagon in 2017;

That year, he spoke with reporters at The New York Times, confirming the existence of the shadowy agency and describing its mission.

Now, Elizondo is pulling back the curtain on his tenure with the AATIP, which he left because of a lacklustre official response to the agency's findings, and their unwillingness to address potential risks from UFOs, according to the new show "Unidentified: Inside America's UFO Investigation,"

No, there isn't a big reveal that UFOs were alien spacecraft all along.

But delving into long - hidden accounts of UFO investigations will hopefully encourage people and authorities to overcome long - standing stigmas and talk more openly about these mysterious aircraft, some of which may pose a bigger threat than we realise, Elizondo told Live Science.

UFOs have perplexed and fascinated people for decades, they also pose a unique challenge to federal agents trying to determine if they represent a threat to national security.

Before AATIP, the U.S. Air Force had launched Project Blue Book, which investigated more than 12,000 purported UFO sightings from 1952 to 1969.

Here's a video of Project Blue Book, The True Story Of The Green Fireballs:

During Elizondo's tenure at AATIP, observers reported UFOs flying at hyper-sonic speeds more than five times the speed of sound.

Yet there were none of the signatures that usually accompany aircraft flying at such fantastic speeds, such as sonic booms, he said.

The UFOs were also unexpectedly mobile, travelling so fast that they would have experienced gravitational forces, or G - forces, that far exceed the limits of endurance for both humans and aircraft.

The F-16 Fighting Falcon aircraft, one of the most manoeuvrable in the U.S.'s arsenal, reaches its limit at around 16 to 18 G's, while the human body can withstand about 9 G's "for a very short time" before a person would start to black out, Elizondo said.

"These things that we were observing were pulling 400 to 500 G's," he said.
"They don't have engines or even wings, and they are able to seemingly defy the natural effects of Earth's gravitational pull."

This is all about Louis Elizondo and all the basic stuff that he did while at the CIA or Pentagon:

Elizondo formerly headed the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) until the program was defunded. AATIP was a secretive $22 million program initiated by the Defense Intelligence Agency in order to study Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP), also known as UFOs.

According to the Pentagon, it was cancelled in 2012.

In October of 2017, Elizondo resigned from OUSDI after expressing his concern of what he called "bureaucratic challenges and inflexible mindsets" in all levels of the Department.

In his resignation letter, Elizondo wonders why "certain individuals in the Department remain staunchly opposed to further research" of "unusual aerial systems interfering with military weapon platforms and displaying beyond next generation capabilities" despite numerous accounts by the United States Navy and other Services.

Elizondo asserts that:

"underestimating or ignoring these potential threats is not in the best interest of the Department no matter the level of political contention."

In April 2019, the Navy acknowledged that it was drafting new guidelines for pilots and other personnel to report encounters with "unidentified aircraft."

Elizondo called this policy decision "the single greatest decision the Navy has made in decades."

A six-part History Channel series titled Unidentified:

Inside America’s U.F.O. Investigation features Elizondo and others affiliated with AATIP.

Guys, I really hope that I opened your eyes as to why it's in their possible interests to cover up a recovered or crashed UFO and why it's in their interests to lie, cheat and steal from the public.

They ridicule, poke fun and OK, while I believe we're on the cusp of Alien/UFO disclosure - I do believe they need to clear up all their dirty deeds first and it's this, that is stopping them saying what we already know.


Image Project Blue Book. Because for them to admit to it, they must have a reason for saying it and that's in the form of a recovered UFO.

Because if they admit it, to admit to recovering a UFO then we're going to say "OK, so where the hell is all the technology and where the hell is all the money you made from this and that invention etc"?

Recovering UFOs is extremely profitable and don't you forget that.

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