Sol 1387 And 1388 Has A UFO That Nobody Saw

I have said it before that all you have to do is look at any of the many Martian photos produced by the Rover and you'll come up trump's.

And I've just proven it yet again with this;

UFO in Sol 1387 - 1388 Mars photo that nobody has seen.

Image credit NASA.

Seriously, the absolute 1st Mars photo I have looked at today has produced yet another blooming UFO right above the strangest looking "boulder" or thing, that is perched on the very edge of a cliff. I have seen some interesting UFO images from Mars in my time but this one was in plain sight and I do believe that nobody saw it.

I can't continue searching all the time in every direction to see if anyone's discovered it before me, but I do think it's the first time it's been seen?

Even if it's not the first time it's been seen, it still proves that the first photo you look at from Mars really could have a UFO or something else entirely in that photo? For instance like an obvious statue or a light way off in the distance. A petrified fossil perhaps or a glowing white Orb gloating in the distance (I actually meant floating not gloating but I'll keep it).

I simply Googled "high resolution Mars images" and clicked a few Mars photos and the first link I followed (because of the object perched on the cliff) absolutely had yet another strange anomaly in the image. It was only until I'd landed on the site that I zoomed in to the boulder that I looked around and above it there was this obvious UFO.

This is the Mars Rover photo I zoomed in to and saw the UFO.

Image credit NASA.

My first Mars image that I come to and it results in a UFO. Now, if that doesn't tell you all that you need to know about Mars and it's obvious hidden mysteries then I really don't know what will. The more I discover, the more I begin to realise why the US is going all out, like SpaceX, NASA, ESA, JAXA, Roscosmos and private companies plus private individuals are all adamant that they will get there and set up a colony.

It makes me wonder if the Aliens on the Moon said don't come back to the Moon but you can have a colony of humans on Mars, but the Moon - that's theirs!

Would that surprise you?

I've actually proved myself right because I've said in the past that all you need to do is look at the first photo from Mars that you come across and the chances are that you will find something that makes you think "hold on a minute"...

Anyways, the link to that UFO sighting in the NASA Mars Rover website is below at the bottom. I thoroughly recommend that you check out the Mars photos because there's probably enough anomalies on Mars for everyone to claim at least a handful each. Millions of people around the world looking at the hires Raw photos of Mars is bound to be fruitful and a treat for everyone.

Check out the photo for yourself at the link below.

Credit NASA.

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