Chemtrails Exist And The Proof is Everywhere

Okay chemtrail's are nothing new but what is new is the obvious denied acceptance from the local media.

I don't have to accept anything from scientists, from conspiracy theorists or even what I see in the sky. I choose to use my own common sense (however flawed it is) because of the mountains of stuff I've seen over the years all combined - is why I chose to believe.

It's almost like all that matters is the scientific approach instead of all the contested evidence, the tangible evidence, the real physical evidence of which there is numerous. It does not matter if it's contested evidence, the evidence is evidence and it needs the same effort put in to that, just like the scientific approach had. It would suggest that someone, something wants this covered up.

Do you understand it a bit more now?

It's everywhere in the skies which people can't tell the difference between contrails and chemtrails and that's why they are getting away with it.

It's so hard to get past the normal contrails that planes leave.

Chemicals being spread by aeroplanes is most definitely nothing new. That's an historically correct answer. The Russian authorities have used chemicals to control the weather for national holidays and military parades since time began.

Here's a written quotation from the Smithsonian website from 2016:

The chemtrails "craze" likely originated with a 1996 report from the Air Force called “Weather as a Force Multiplier,” which speculates how the military could develop weather modification technology by 2025, report Annalee Newitz and Adam Steiner at i09. A patent filed in 1991 for a technique of seeding the upper atmosphere with particles that could reflect sunlight and slow global warming also intrigued theorists.

Combined with anecdotal tales of plants dying and people getting sick after planes left contrails above their homes, the conspiracy theory coalesced and took off on the internet in the late 1990s.

Seriously, I beg you not to get upset or angry with this obvious biased statement from the Smithsonian website. They're only going off an opinion based on one 1990's article. Whereas science and photos and videos play a big part of the story, let's familiarise ourselves with the truth instead of opinions from a bygone era.

So, I ask you a few question's;

Is chemtrails a "craze" like the Smithsonian website would have us believe or is it a real problem that certain people want to hide?

If you haven't answered the question's that's okay because if the Government hasn't got answers then who has, right?

Credit Smithsonian.

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