Silver Flying Saucers 100 Percent Recovered | But It Was A Hoax

In 1967 a child eye witness saw a silver Flying Saucer that was in a field, it was giving off a humming sound, it also stank and it was oozing a horrible white-ish goo.

10 minutes later, the military was swarming the South of England specifically on the Isle of Sheppey in it's biggest ever response to a "definite Alien Invasion". There was 6 flying saucers recovered and in a line but over a large area.

Why am I writing about this all these years later I hear you ask because it was a hoax?

Standing next to the Flying Saucer that was recovered from the Isle of Sheppey in England.

Credit: John Keeling/Canva.

Something clicked when I read this a second time. A kid is the eye witness, next thing the military and the police "hell, it seems like even the coast guard was rubber necking". So, if this is the real response to an initial genuine report of a UFO landing then this must be recognised as the benchmark of what happens in such a scenario?

Ufology researchers must see this as a hold standard of the Governments response to crashed UFOs.

If we did see it as such, we can rule out many more possible UFO landings right, that's just logically thinking. The response by the Government on that day has to be hands down one of the best ways to identify if it's a real UFO landing cover up. We could go back over UFO reports and reassess the Government responses to the reports, how many units turned up, how many police officers turned out, was there a perimeter set up, was there any specific military personnel, what vehicles were used, what clothing, protective gear and most crucial of all was the initial response from the Government?

Military personnel recovering from a farmers field a silver Flying Saucer.

Credit: John Keeling/BBC News.

Match it against other known UFO reports and Bob's your uncle!

Let's say the media gets in touch with the Government relations agency (whatever it was called back then) and if they had a pre-prepared release statement? We can match that up with other subsequent UFO landing reports and go from there.

See, the 1967 UFO landing incident made the Governments real UFO retrieval response kick in.

Silver Flying Saucer Discovered in a farmers field in 1967 on the Isle of Sheppey.

Credit: John Keeling/BBC News.

So we have that timeline lineage of events as the official protocol for definite UFO response and retrieval incidents.


Without sounding like a movie plot but spinning webs and planting seeds of deception just to bring out a specific behaviour for analysis purposes is not something that I will ever do normally. But in this case, it's not a bad thing as far as Ufology goes because we spend all day researching UFOs anyways so you could say it's just another avenue of thought...

Newspaper article about the Flying Saucers recovered from the Isle of Sheppey in the UK.

What I found very interesting about this incident was the line of events. Like this was already a verified, proven way to retrieve downed UFOs. Without sounding like I'm repeating myself or hammering it home that this is the best proved way to tell if the Government is lying or not. But it's worth looking into.

Here's a quote from the original news reports in 1967.

They had big metal domes, emitted a strange, ominous hum and appeared one morning in a straight line across southern England.

For a few hours, members of the public, police and the Army really believed alien spaceships had landed - until it was revealed to be a stunt by students. But how was the hoax so successful?

The apparently extra-terrestrial vessels prompted a major police and military response, witnessed by Ray Seager who was with other children playing outside when one of the six saucers was found in the Isle of Sheppey on 4th September 1967.

"We all came running over, and there it was," he said. There were no two ways about it. It was there. It was the old flying saucer shape. It was a silver, big dome with the thing round the outside. Yes, it was a flying saucer."

Anyway, armed with that particular type of information, the government responded to it in their own unique way. Or is this how they do it in the US also? Tell me what you know and think about it and your own opinions on what you think happened.

Credit: John Keeling/BBC News.

Referenced by: UFO Sightings Footage/Ufosfootage/UFO News/Canva.

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