Radio Pieces Found Inside 1,000 Years Old Cambodian Temple

The Cambodian Temple with technology so far ahead of itself that you'll struggle to believe it.

You've probably got a western education and I'm so sorry to have to tell you this but for the next few minutes your going to really struggle to comprehend what's been written here. That's not condescending, that's Joking.

Check it out, two turtles were discovered during an archaeology dig at an ancient temple in Cambodia "Srah Srang" and in the dirt was what looks like a trident fork? Was this the antenna... You need to follow this link to watch Praveen Mohan's amazing video on Facebook.

Two Turtles discovered during an archaeology dig at Srah Srang Temple in Cambodia.

Credit: Cambodian archaeologists have unearthed a large centuries-old statue of a turtle on Thursday, May 7, 2020, in an excavation at the famous Angkor temple complex in the country's northwest. (Apsara Authority via AP) The Associated Press.

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Unusual yes, unheard of and strange, check! One turtle has a rectangle lid cut out of the turtles back and a triangle shape is on the other. Both acting as lids set back into the turtles back. One (rectangular one) had a goo like substance inside but they had to drain the area first so that explains the goo.


Just like anyone with a degree of basic science will tell you that one after another the items recovered was one by one, the ingredients to create a modern radio! Even brass wires were found.

Who taught the ancient Cambodians about this technology?

Now, I'm a stats guy, a coincidences don't exist and there's no such thing as random creations "kinda guy". So when I see this check list appearing from a turtle I'm doing the usual "what's the chances and these are all man made". If an item is man made and even if it's been hidden away, its a deliberate act.

Seeing these exact items or ingredients if you want, it is what it bloody is, it's a radio! Sony radios are different to Samsung radios, as is Philips and Sharp. But the ingredients are all the same things just shaped differently.

The same thing goes for cakes and cars and satellites. Same thing, different look.

This is the ancient Sony radio with the trident 🔱 antenna. It's very rare and worth a lot of bits (bitcoin).

Do you see what I'm saying? The different crystals"dare I say it" are possible different cassette tapes or different radio stations etc? In that kind of realm or the crystals can pick up different frequencies based on their size and properties?

ABC News quote:

The dig also discovered some other rare artifacts, including two metal tridents and a carved head of a naga, a mythical creature.

The Angkor complex is Cambodia’s biggest tourist attraction, as well as a UNESCO World Heritage site and is included in the Cambodian flag.

Mao Sokny said discoveries of such artifacts help Cambodians take pride in their heritage.

I'm absolutely convinced of that. I'm also a new fan of Praveens.

Here's a very basic fm radio.

Crystal radio in it's most basic and raw form. It's a very easy way to pick up fm frequencies.

Smithsonian quote:

The sculpture is one of several rare artifacts recovered from the temporarily drained Srah Srang reservoir since work began in mid-March. According to China’s Xinhua news agency, researchers found the sandstone turtle while excavating the site of a small temple that once stood on an artificial island in the middle of the reservoir. After the team determined the temple’s location earlier this year, workers lowered the reservoir’s water level enough to allow the dig to commence, Mao Sokny, an archaeologist with the Aspara Authority, which oversees the temple complex, tells the AP.


Here's Praveen Mohans YouTube video, I hope you enjoy this.

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Credit: Praveen Mohan/Smithsonian Magazine.

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