Flight of The Tic Tac Pill Shaped UFO - That's a Mouthful

White UFO the shape of a pill caught on film by excited eye witness.

It's not my job to tell you what you should believe or what you must think about UFOs but what I will say is that I'm right and that's not up for debate! Ha lol.

Okay, straight down to the point of why I called this meeting.

Who brought the beer?

This pill looking UFO has really made the rounds everywhere online since it was caught on camera and guys, I think it just might be "the one".

Tic Tac UFOs are a fact now and they are not made on this planet.

Credit: UFO Sightings Daily/UFO Sightings Footage/Canva.

I don't know if it's military or not but it's got a lot going for it like the shadowing for one thing is perfect, it's in the right place you'd expect it to be and in a real UFO video you want to see that zooming in, auto focus like most smartphones have.

I'm going with the "surveillance UFO" answer because of a few things really.

  1. It's probably to small for anything alive to be inside of it and knowing that intelligent life takes a certain size of brain... It's self explanatory.
  2. UFOs filmed near sensitive places ie nuclear power plants obviously not there for the warm glow feeling.
  3. The ISS always films them at a certain distance... Have you noticed that?
  4. The Tic Tac UFOs that the navy jets tried to intercept but could not get close to them - didn't react or fire upon the Navy jets because they were surveillance crafts only.

It's gained from years upon many years worth of just reading UFO incidents, write ups either official or otber.

See, researching UFOs is 90 percent reading and that's either testimonies, expert advice, opinions, conclusions, analysis or other information based on scorch marks, impression analysis, video editing analysis and the list just goes on and on.

UFO Size OF 747 Seen Off Coast Of Dubai, Aug 25, 2020, Video, UFO Sighting News

YouTube video:

Credit: UFO & Aliens Santana YouTube.

That's why people say "just go with your gut feeling". Because it's easier than actual putting effort in.

UFO the size of a 747 looks real.

Credit: UFO Sightings Daily/Express/UFO Sightings Footage/Canva.

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