UFO Leaked Was Hovering Above Ocean Photographed From Cockpit

It looks like an ancient history family shield but it's actually been photographed above the ocean giving Jet fighters the run-around.

This was the reaction that was given to The Debrief and guys, I urge you to go check their post out that they wrote on this very photo which was leaked (apparently) imagine their faces on being asked about a classified UFO photo lol.

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But because it's covered lot's of angles "in just one post" which I really think is awesome and for that I recommend it. You might already know some of it also, but the way it's presented, the way it's written, full of tit bits is awesome so please, find a few minutes to read their post, cheers guys.

Leaked UFO photo is a real piece of history.


Im sure as hell that this is real, but I'm also sure as hell that it will need to be setting itself down on the ground and turning itself in before I begin to believe it.

I'm getting to the point of scrapping Ufology research and walking away from it because of all the literal "mountains of bu****it" I'm wading through knee deep everyday!

It's disheartening to think im on to something, I get right into it, I can research it sometimes for a long time only for it to be made by a spotty little idiot drooling on his mums pc.

UFO evidence is shown in the photo.


"That's bloody disheartening" and I'm getting a bit fed up with it.

I'm only human, I have a limit of guff I can take, right. But then I see something like this amazing photo that was taken by and distributed by the people who were responsible for covering the whole thing up from the beginning and it's that which lights the fire under my ass again, yeah it's just as confusing to me as it probably sounds to you, lol.

But, I'm kinda glad as I truly enjoy it when it's me, my thoughts, my imagination and the facts, the opinions of experts, the research that (mainly reading and writing) I and others are doing and the evidence!


Quoted text:

The photo itself is said to be considered “Unclassified and For Official Use Only,” however because the image and accompanying report were shared on a secure intelligence community network, the officials we (The Debrief, link below) spoke with would only acknowledge it under strict conditions of anonymity.

Taken from the cockpit of an F/A-18 fighter jet, the photo shows an unidentified aerial object as it hovered above the ocean.

What if the Tic Tac shaped UFO and this UFO are from two different Alien species? And that's a legitimate question! The US wouldn't of ever thought to of gone public if it knew that it was a normal man made craft, they'd never tip their hand like that, never. This is the United States of America, their defence is legendary "not stupid"!

So, the release of the Tic Tac Pill Shaped UFO evidence and this (which I have concerns about) means a few things.

UFO evidence released by the US government.

Credit: US Government/UFO Sightings Footage/Canva.

Firstly when I say I have a few concerns about the UFO photo I mean yeah, it's genuine but was it deliberately leaked? Okay, I do know that the US wouldn't never comment on a classified photo, instead of answering a few questions, they'd have you sat behind a desk making "you" answer questions! Am I right?

And secondly, why would it release Bona-fide UFO videos with exceptional quality and undisputed significance to the intelligence world but hold back a two Bob-bit UFO photo? There's only one reason they'd hold it back for, and that's the 1 million Dollar question.

Credit: The Debrief.

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