Gulf Breeze UFO Incident Including F15 Jet

Possibly the best UFO sighting of the 90s was this Ed Walters stupendous-looking Alien Craft.

What a decade it was, the 1990s gave us so many ideas and different ways of thinking about things and UFO sightings plus how we looked at UFO evidence. The first web browser came along in the 90's, and then in 1991, we had Linux.

The first website went online at CERN.

Ah yes, CERN, the place that killed our last "reality address" by creating a miniature big bang by colliding lead ions together at a fraction just below the speed of light. It completely knocked us out and opened up a new reality within our reality which pushed our reality out, into an altogether different place.

They opened a reality inside a reality.

Oh, it's difficult to comprehend but 2 objects cannot exist in the same place or at the same time so something has to give.

It's because.

Because two realities can't exist in the same place (two solids can't be in the same place at the same time) it's as simple as that really which recreating a big bang no matter how big or how fancy sounding it's not good that they did what they did! They'll tell you it was a good thing, or that it's science but no, it's not good. There's a good reason why people in 2012 were terrified they were horrified by the implications of a reality bomb.

Or a reality check and some are convinced that it happened and this is the result because now we have the Mandela effect, altered memories, UFOs and UAPs with multiple UFOs that have been shot down blatantly. Guys UFOs exist they shot down three UFOs and people are still asking for proof lol.

They just did it last year in February 2023

So, why did they decide to open a pit at CERN by smashing lead ions together?

Spaceship UFO craft, bizarre-looking mystery or a straight-up hoax?

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Is that how our Big Bang was created, by an Alien species colliding atoms? It's certainly plausible.

That caused the Mandela effect.

Digital cameras, digital "you name it" were everywhere in the 1990s and it was allowing for tremendous leaps in UFO photography. Mobile phone evolution was getting well underway.

Then the UFO sightings started getting more and more.

Take for instance the Ed Walters Gulf Breeze UFO Incident report at MUFON that looks so different from every other UFO sighting from that time. Its shape is different, its colour is different, it's got what looks like light on it (could be a reflection), and it's got some bizarre-looking structural design like the fork shape to what I think is the rear of the Unidentified Flying Object. But why has it come so close to allowing anyone to photograph it, again that's just my humble opinion.

Gaze your eyes upon this brilliant UFO craft!

Ed Walters close up zoom of a UFO Craft.

Credit: MUFON/Ed Walters/Ufosfootage/Canva.

UFO Sighting specific details

1994 - Gulf Breeze, Florida. Name, Ed Walters.

Reported to MUFON June 17th, 1994.

Ed Walters close up zoom of the epic spaceship type UFO.

Credit: MUFON/Ed Walters/Ufosfootage/Canva.

Epic photograph of a UFO, the evidence of what he saw outside his house on January 12, 1994, will stun you "and rightly so". There have been tons of investigations into this UFO sighting by experts one of which is Bruce Maccabee, the link no longer works to his website which I think you should have checked out around 5 years ago no longer works as of today Tuesday 26th March 2024 update on this post. I'm gradually going through the posts that I've written on my three main websites which are UFO Sightings Footage and UFO Madness including ufosfootage because it's of such good information that I should be updating with new and updated info as and when we get new information.

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Curiously though Ed Walters added two other UFO photos to the MUFON report that he submitted, here's one as they're both the same.

Okay, as far as UFOs go this is way, way out there with the NASA Tether Incident and the Phoenix Light Incident, that's just my own opinion though guys. Both of the UFO events I've just described have their very own dedicated followers and believers who strongly feel that they are the number 1 UFO sighting.

YouTube is full of top 10's UFO videos and top 5 countdowns with The Phoenix Lights winning a lot of the countdowns but The Tether Incident has a large following of believers also.

What I'm saying is that the Ed Walters 1994 UFO Craft is definitely, and I mean a contender!

Ed Walters waited for tge Jet to be in the visual frame before taking the photo.

Credit: B. Maccabee/MUFON/Ed Walters/Ufosfootage/Canva.


As he was viewing the UFO through the lens and preparing to take the first photo he heard 

the noise of a jet. He looked to the north and saw a jet that appeared to be approaching the 

UFO from his right (the northeast). He waited until the jet entered the field of view of the lens and then took the first photo.

MUFON isn't always my source of inspiration for a lot of reasons one being they charge! But, Ed Walters reported it to MUFON so, it is what it is. It is a humongous database of UFO and alien-related subject matter. And unknown mysteries are thrown in there now and then with unknown crafts posted anonymously.

Quote from UFO Casebook:

His Canon camera with a Soligor Autozoom 70-220 mm (f/3.5) lens was in his office and loaded with Konica XG100 film.

He grabbed the camera and walked quickly onto his deck where he pointed it toward the UFO.

He twisted the barrel of the lens to the infinity focus position and zoomed in on the UFO.

The results you see here are bonafide proof of UFOs, the unknown object is partially blanketed by an F-15.

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Credit: B. Maccabee website/MUFON/Ufosfootage/Canva/UFO Casebook/Ed Walters.

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