UFO Drifts By The ISS | Does NASA Get Told What To Do?

Stupendous UFO sighting caught on the ISS exterior cameras... Yet again.

UFO passes the ISS and NASA is recording every millisecond of it.

Credit NASA/UFO News/UFO Sightings Footage/Ufosfootage.

That's a NASA credit right there.

What does NASA do when trying to secure extra funds?

It "uses" the Alien or Extraterrestrials are out there - possibilities card. Remember the extremely expensive Voyager probe sent out into the deepest parts of space? It's now the farthest away from Earth thing that was man made.


Some of the people on the golden record represented with sound, images etc wasn't even told that they were been used and put in the record.

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The sound's of the Earth. That's an Alien invitation card sent out by NASA to perhaps an advanced Alien race not with their name on, it's got yours on it!

Alien crafts are regularly flying past the ISS which NASA supposedly doesn't know or won't acknowledge.

Credit NASA.

If NASA admits to Aliens been real, will NASA still be needed?

The difference with this one and the general Alien crafts that we see at the International Space Station (the Ford equivalent of UFOs) is that this is either way to close to the ISS and it's a huge Extraterrestrial spaceship.

UFO Close Encounters YouTube video:

Take your pick and run with it because these are both the right way to describe it. It just looms out there in the inky blackness which is kind of hovering. In the past the ISS has played host to a whole host of Alien crafts with some even tethered to the outside of the ISS.

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