2 Silver UFOs Filmed From Another Plane

This isn't the first UFO to be witnessed and filmed from the window of a plane believe me.

I've posted a couple of times regarding Jets and UFO sightings and also just like this one over Michigan - this absolutely "freaky incident" and even back then it was considered to be a weather balloon.

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The weather looks good to me, the clouds look normal and the blue in the blue sky even looks very normal. All except for the two silver looking UFOs.

See, I think it's funny that almost all of the UFO activity that has a silver balloon look to them get seized upon and are passed off as weather balloons.

2 Silver UFOs caught on film from the window of a plane.

Both UFO photos are from the UFO video taken by the eye witness while flying in a plane. I wonder what the witness thought was the UFOs intentions, if they were friends or enemy? Some people would panic and some would film it I suppose.

2 Silver UFOs.

Credit: UFO10000 Instagram/Pinterest/UFO Sightings Footage/Canva.

We all know that weather balloons are white and actually have a light bulb 💡 look to them.

If you know what we're looking at here then please by all means do us all a favour and let us know what you know? There's a lot of people that read up on UFOs so the chances are good that your going to be helping certainly me and others know more about and understand a hell of a lot more about what else a so-called weather balloon could be? That's helping out so, so much and I'm very grateful for your help and support and insights.

Anyhoo, there's no information whatsoever with this UFO video (that's not a bad thing) and even though it's on Instagram, in the public, it's got nothing with it whatsoever that relates to - or states where it was filmed, over which country and it says nothing about who took the UFO video or which flight it was recorded on-board.

That's not a red flag to me because I've dealt with anonymously reported UFO reports before and sometimes it's literally in the lap of the God's as to who witnesses and subsequently report's the UFO encounter. And because of this, sometimes the eye witnesses themselves don't want their identity or any information associated with the UFO sighting.

I can and do, totally respect that as a right. See I know (just like the eye witness realises) that the video still needs to be reported so time lines and evidence of this specific UFO is Definitely without a shadow of a doubt is in that specific area at the moment it's been filmed.

Here's the full video:

Credit: UFO10000 Instagram/Pinterest/UFO Sightings Footage/Canva.

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