Have You Ever Seen The Colour Version Of The UAP Videos

I'm asking this question because I've never seen this video before and as it's the declassified and disclosed UAP video I'm wondering if you or anyone else has ever seen it before for that matter.

It's a strange thing to see because we've only ever had the Flir black and white UAP video rammed down our throat! So why hasn't the colour version been shown everywhere?

Is it a computer generated version of the UAP video, ie not real, just based on what we see in the UAP video? I honestly can't decide, and that's really, really p***ing me off big time! If it's CGI then it's no better than a fake, but if it's real then there was another camera recording which to me seems totally possible.

It's most certainly the better choice for news outlets and media execs as it literally speaks for itself. I'm wondering if it's the Flir video information around the sides of the video screen that is what they also wanted as it had wind speed, weather, dates etc?

This UFO video is the colour version of the UAP videos.

Credit: US Navy/Andromeda_galaxia_/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

The videos radio chatter from the pilot's actually matches the Flir ones as far as I can tell and the camera is definitely following it's designated target "locked and loaded" so-to-speak. I didn't know there was a colour version of the UAP videos "did you"... We're able to see the silver craft in more detail than ever and than was expected because of the natural Sunshine.

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Who knows, the Pilot's themselves could be controlling the UFOs (UAPs). It could be a massive illusion orchestrated for some unknown reasons? Seriously, who knows what is going on here, apparently even the US Government hasn't got a clue. So to speculate is perfectly fine.

A close up look at the UFO in the UAP video.

Credit: US Navy/Andromeda_galaxia_/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

The reflections from the Sun really give us a good look at it, to see what the shadow looks like has given me a better understanding of what happened here. Whereas before I was left with the UFO being a boring one, it's opened up a new thought process. It's testing our defences, it matched the speed of the Air Force Jet, not the other way round.

It's been following the Jet from in front of it because it knows that the Jet is following it, it's been putting it to a test. How fast is the Jet, against the wind, with the wind, how it turns, ascends, descends and it was subsequently always recording the whole time just like we was. But, that's just the thing, overall - what information could it of gained from the "UAP chase" and you can bet it's recorded all no of it and not just bit's of it like all we could.

Then we're left with a burning question, what's it done with the information? What's it "doing" with the information and has it already been sent...

Seriously, just for a minute forget about the scepticism of what we've all been taught because bona-fide real UFO activity has been revealed to the world by a normally secretive US Government (they don't usually do this) please, give it a bit of thought at least because the US Government's released this UFO information (it is what it is, UAP is neither here nor there) for a reason? It's never been done before in the history of humanity. UFOs are real, that's what was revealed.

But the question I suppose we now need to be asking is this:

Are they friend or foe?

According to the US Government they've not made any contact, they've just been joy riding in Earth's atmosphere flying in and out of the oceans without any real purpose. But I know that everything has a purpose and as it's not any country other than the US or China and Russia, Turkey or Spain, France or Germany etc.

I'm sure you'll come to the same conclusion as me, it's more than likely Extraterrestrial and even though we can't rule out a company been behind the "UAP's", you know, like any - one of the usual suspects.

It could be aop secret aerial vehicle program and the US Government's sending out a message that they know about the advanced technology, and now the world does.

Credit: US Navy/Andromeda_galaxia_/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

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