NASA Consultant Claims NASA Top Dogs Wiped UFOs From Moon Photo's

NASA has unwittingly put way to much trust in one employee (good for us but not them) because even after gagging order's were ordered, the top secret information has still leaked.

It's a strange kind of "hard earned truth" because even though this whistle-blower has wrecked their own pension, their friends and coworkers (according to reports) plus possible family members the truth about UFOs was finally disclosed in 2019. So was it worth it all along?

A close up pinch zoom that shows the UFO in the controversial NASA photo.

Above is a pinch zoom of the below photo which shows what is unmistakable as a UFO. Who could deny it been a fake because it's a NASA photo. Nobody has access to the NASA archives to change anything and put it back. So, as far as I can tell it looks like the real deal for once!

The photo that Donna Hare claims has a UFO in it.

The NASA photo in which Donna Hare claims contains a real UFO.

Credit: NASA/UFO Sightings Footage/Canva.

And after all that not everyone believes this story. That can't be sitting right with the whistle-blower slash former NASA Consultant Donna Hare and the guys who were threatened and slapped with gagging order's. They have literally thrown everything away - including their career which I'm sure they loved at one point and possibly still love it so why go through all that stuff just for it to be a lie? It makes no sense whatsoever.

Here's a quote from the source, the Express:

A former NASA consultant claims they saw staff from the US space agency "editing UFOs out of images on the Moon" before they were released to the public.

That's about as serious as it gets when it comes to allegedly covering up UFO activity! There is no removing what this person saw, it's not going to fade away from his memory over time like other memories do. But they (NASA’s own tough guy's) knew that also, so they became violent apparently and hit the eye witness (a security guard) with the but of a gun. That's an explosive accusation as told to Donna Hare who's a former consultant that worked for Philco Ford. She herself actually saw UFOs been airbrushed out of the Moon images.

Donna Hare claims in a video testimony  (below) to have learnt NASA officials who wanted to speak out about the existence of UFOs were threatened with the loss of their pensions and forced to sign gagging orders.

This information is probably about as good as it gets because we must ask ourselves; what did these whistle-blowers stand to gain? Well, from what we know now they gained nothing but lost everything. It was probably just as clear to them before they made the decision to go public as it is now and we've got hindsight as well. So we must take our hat's off to them for being do courageous.

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It's not everyday that we're all treated to this level of insider knowledge from the biggest space agency in the world. We can't even begin to understand what it means if NASA’s aware of Aliens on the Moon and just exactly what that might imply? It's got way to many implications for even the most hardened of insiders at NASA to let it out into the public.

Think of all the embarrassing thing's that NASA would have to explain and think about the questions that other countries will definitely ask! This just might be one of the biggest reasons why NASA’s kept it all under wraps, maybe...

It's the religious implications and the subject of God and the creation of everything and everyone that probably has NASA chief's worried? If it's not that then it's the acquisition of top secret technology, or the Alien abductions. Or like this one, just how long has NASA been working with the Aliens side by side and what unfair advantages have they enjoyed from that collaboration?

Could NASA have stopped certain events or warned of certain events and just how embedded into the fabric of NASA politics are these Alien entities - if at all?

Here's another quote from the Express which was only published a couple day's ago:

Ms Hare also claims to have had a high level of security clearance and was able to access parts of the building known as 'Building Eight', which "gave her contact with a series of high ranking officials who leaked her information in secret, over lunch".

She claims in a video testimony (below) to have learnt NASA officials who wanted to speak out about the existence of UFOs were threatened with the loss of their pensions and forced to sign gagging orders.

Here's the full video from YouTube:

Credit: NASA/Apollo Program/Express/Dr Steven Greer YouTube/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

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