UFO Caught on Camera The Size of a Commercial Jet

Just a quick UFO video post to show you that the UFOs people are seeing are getting better and clearer plus a lot bigger.

I mean these UFOs are definitely the largest that they've probably ever been in the Earth's history, especially the one's filmed in our atmosphere. Expert photographer is judging this UFO to be somewhat close to the size of a normal everyday commercial aircraft because he's the guy who filmed it. If that's the case, then this UFO is absolutely enormous to say the least and because it looks "intelligently made" which it most certainly does, they're probably not man made and I quote "with an otherworldly appearance".

This pill shape UFO is the same size as a commercial Jet and it's filmed during the daytime.

Credit: Daily Mail/Brett Harrison Jones/UFO Sightings Footage/Canva.

Seriously, I've come to that same conclusion that that's my exact same opinion as well. I'm not hesitant to claim this opinion anymore when I see something that I feel is real because UFOs are now a fact, and as you may know we've already had UFO disclosure in 2019 so I'm not going to be hesitant anymore. Whereas before I'd be more inclined to be cautious (I'm not ashamed to admit that) now I'm backed up all the way with official facts which can be given to the UFO deniers and UFO unbelievers, so I'm going to be specific with my own claims.

Nobody wants to be seen as a fruit cake with outlandish claims, and I was sick of defending my UFO beliefs to be honest with you but now that the Government's declassified UFO videos, we have nothing to feel awkward about! I've had the long looks down long noses at me when certain people hear about my beliefs. I've had the smirks and the looks of pity! But now I realised that while self preservation and self worth is a good thing, I don't need to be constantly defensive about my beliefs or worry about what people think of me!

I've seen some UFO videos in my time and this one doesn't disappoint at all. The eye witness is credible (because there's nothing to say he's not) and we must give everyone the chance to say what they claim they saw. Everything comes out eventually in the wash so-to-speak so we must always give people a chance and give them the respect they deserve.

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UFO Sighting Over Melbourne Australia

We have the UFO on camera seemingly flashing like it's communicating with someone or something. Then we can see that it's changing from a silver like colour to a brass like colour and also with what looks like both ends that also seem to be flashing separately?

Here's the full video description (just above the video) which was uploaded to The Daily Mail Online YouTube Channel. I have known about this particular UFO video since I can remember, but it's only recently that I even knew where it took place which was Guildford County, NC in the US! There wasn't any information that I could find so I thought that I'd put it aside for the time being and if anything else turns up, I'll let you all know.

So, with knew information about it I'm here to further the research information (at least with my readers (who aren't aware of this one) and hopefully someone can help connecting this UFO to other UFO sightings, similar looking, similar shape to this one, similar style or speed, behaviour or something else that triggers a familiar memory so that we can say that it was also seen here, there and elsewhere...

The description:

Bret Harrison Jones was out with his camera looking for nature when he spotted the 'pill-shaped' object coming in and out of focus from his home in Guilford County, North Carolina, two weeks ago. Footage shows the flashing cylindrical shape in the distance, which Mr Jones believes was at least the height of a commercial aircraft. The 34-year-old full-time eBay seller claims he was 'blown away' by what he captured and believes the aircraft is 'otherworldly'.

Here's the full Daily Mail video:

Guy's, please can you share your thoughts on this and what you make of it? If you can share the post I'd appreciate it too, let's hope it's been seen before and that someone else has this UFO on video as well? That would be amazing if this same one has been filmed elsewhere in the world, we could even get a time line from that if it's possible...

Credit: Daily Mail YouTube/Brett Harrison Jones/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.

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