Unprecedented Detail | The Same UFO Filmed In 4 Seperate Locations

Okay, so I'm blown away because of the shape, the four different UFO sighting's themselves and how similar they look.


This is just one of the latest UFO videos showing us "four different potential Extraterrestrial craft's" and we should take this seriously. I don't know why everyone is so sceptical especially after having UFO disclosure in relation to the three UAP videos released by the US DoD or United States Department of Defense. The shape looks so unusual and not necessarily Extraterrestrial in origin.

There's a red circle around the whote, cylinder shaped UFO in this image.

The details in this UFO screenshot are very rare because it's usually a case of having to zoom into the UFO and it loses pixels when it does that as it or the editor can't add what is not there so it loses pixels as one zooms into the UFO effectively trying to get a better view pf the UFO or making the UFO larger in the screenshot.

But this is awesome.

The above photo has a red circle around the cylinder shaped UFO, just in case it's difficult to see as I've done it because I couldn't see it really without my glasses, for real.

The best cylinder UFO sighting with so much detail.

Credit: Mr.MBB333 YouTube Channel/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

The first was filmed over Las Vegas, Nevada on the 23rd of April, 2022. It moves from cloud to cloud in a very secretive way. It's up to no good put it that way because it's skulking around our cloud's. It has a cylindrical shape to it and it's white in colour.

Unprecedented white cylinder shaped UFO in detail and unprecedented footage in four different places in the United States of America.

Credit: Mr.MBB333 YouTube Channel/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

The second one is filmed over Indiana but in a different day and obviously a different place. This has a black circle around it's middle circumference and is hard to see, but it's definitely there.

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The third UFO sighting happened over Kalamazoo, Michigan. It's about time that the Government all recognise that these UFOs are here, they need to recognise it and quickly address the situation because just like Covid did, just like Ukraine did - it could sneak up and sucker punch us all. Before it's too late. If we the public can see it, why can't the Government see it even after themselves telling us that UFOs are real. The UFOs are not here for good otherwise we the public would be aware of that "goodness" as the Government would use it somehow to get re-elected.

A white cylinder UFO with what looks like two fins on each side of the craft has been filmed in four different places over the past few weeks. The footage has never before been captured with such detail, and it is unprecedented in its quality.

Are Extraterrestrial entities flying craft's in Earth's atmosphere? This is unprecedented, in detail footage and we can see the shadow of the last UFO sighting in the video.

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher

There seems to be a cylindrical shape to the general body of these four different UFOs. Are they all the same, flying around the United States moving from cloud cover to cloud cover, almost as if it's creeping around the world. I've seen a very similar looking UFO myself before which I'll add the photo at the bottom of this post.

  • This UFO is white and black, mainly white and it's of a cylindrical shape and has what looks like fins on each side of the craft.
  • We can see the shadow of the last craft sighting in the video.
  • This could really change our view on life on other planets.
  • There's anomalies in this video that make it more likely to be real than fake, in my own view.
  • It's possibly filmed on four separate occasions and places and in unprecedented detail.

UFOs are circling the Earth. There's four different cities captured on video with the same UFO flying over the city skyline. It's filmed so clearly you can see how it shines in the light like a dark object but also holds a glossy quality to it.

These cylinder type craft do not move like any aircraft that we know about and actually have on this planet now. They appear to be intelligently controlled and they are almost always seen at night, in the early hours of the morning or late at night. The cylinder is often described as having no propulsion system and that they look very streamlined and smooth. Sometimes but not always, lights can clearly be seen at different points on the outside of the craft, either flashing or a steady glow because it's generally seen at night time.

Is this a hoax? Is this a man made plane. Is this real? There's no telling exactly what it is to be fair. The first thing I would do if I saw something like this though, was to pick up my own phone and start filming it too. The strange sighting's of flying objects around the world could be as simple as Russian military planes, US military planes, Chinese tests or even Chinese military planes, Chinese lanterns or some other pranks played by individuals. I find the idea of an extraterrestrial craft flying in our skies incredibly credible. But on the other hand, because they would need to not only penetrate our air space but be able to penetrate the atmosphere, individual countries own air space would the "skin of the earth" be the only obstacle in the path of the UFO or potential Extraterrestrial craft's? Yes, our skies are patrolled by fighter jets looking for intruders into American air space, UK air space, European air space etc but how would this effect the individual countries affected by an intrusion into their own air space if a strange, unknown craft were identified? What's the protocol for one of these UFO craft's flying over Russia or China?

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Even today people have claimed it's weather balloons carrying cameras or part of some Tik Tok video or another platform creator making their next video but why wouldn't "they" ie the authorities just say that? Maybe it's because it takes an investigation and with a lot of these sighting's happening, it might be out of their hand's based on there been to many...

Here's the extraordinary video which Mr.MBB333 uploaded to his YouTube channel above.

There's no description in the YouTube video description of any kind, but that's because it's all in the actual video itself. I encourage you to check out the video because it's an unprecedented 4 UFO timeline research and development story. And, if you can share this post with anyone else you think would appreciate it, then pkease do so, cheers.

Credit: Mr.MBB333 YouTube Channel/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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