Blue Explosion Light Filmed From Space | NASA Astronaut Films Rare Event

These stunning photographs of a blue explosion (blue Jet's) were taken by ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet and NASA admits to Sprites and Fairies including Giant's.

I kid you not, it's definitely not what you think it is, right? These are the names given to rare events that we now know for a scientific fact, that they happen in low Earth orbit! Actually science previously dismissed this very same blue jet explosion like, light. In effect they dismissed the pilot's who saw the phenomena even though they are trained observer's - because it's NASA, it's their way or the highway and besides their IQ is probably higher than a lowly pilot, right? I really don't appreciate NASA looking down it's nose, and they most certainly do.

The blue explosion is called Blue Jet's which was previously dismissed by science.

Credit: Metro News/ESA/NASA/T. Pesquet/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

But now because of this NASA astronaut, we have solid, concrete evidential-proof that the blue Jet phenomena which pilots have been seeing for decades and which has been dismissed by science for decades (always the case), is a very real thing. See, if NASA doesn't agree, (based on nothing I might add) then it doesn't exist. That's so unprofessional that it beggars belief! This is an institution of supposed truth, education and learning. In fact it's a beacon (apparently) of exploring the unknown and open mindedness... Yeah right, I believe you but millions wouldn't.

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Thomas Pesquet (Instagram profile) is a NASA astronaut and the photograph taken by him in October of 2021 is absolutely amazing. The blue explosion type of event looks so intense and from space means that it's size is just ginormous and unimaginable in size. It's something that I have never seen before which isn't any wonder given where they usually do occur, but this is from NASA.

Thomas Pesquet actually photographed an extremely rare event which was even previously dismissed by science, get on that! This proves that NASA is flawed, NASA isn't the be all and end all that they themselves might like to think. They was premature in the termination of their investigation into this and their investigation plan was flawed from the outset. Why wasn't there a way of checking their results "that's if they even did one" and guy's seriously, if they didn't have an investigation into this then how the hell could they dismiss ut? On what grounds? On a senior scientist's say so? If that's the case then what else has been dismissed in this way? What has been agreed on in this way? What has been labelled as a scientific fact based on this same investigation plan...

Oh believe me, if NASA has a research and investigation process that is found to be wrong during or after an official answer, if the orocess has been done yet found to be the wrong answer goven, then every other question or investigated in this processed way must he looked at again. This is probably why it's an answer that looks like it's from decades ago, because the process has since changed...

  • But if that's the case, what else needs looking into?
  • How many other "outcomes" from decades ago needs looking into...

Their research,  for science to dismiss it and actually give no reason is even rarer than Chicken teeth. But there it is, yet again it's NASA thinking that it's the only intelligence (the only intelligence that matters anyways) in the universe. Don't ever dismiss the consciousness of the universe because it's gonna take an offence to that arrogance and it'll make you rethink everything that you thought you ever knew about everything, it'll derail your thoughts and opinions "NASA."

Transient luminous events are blasts of light that appear in the night sky for a few seconds and have remained a mystery since they were first documented in 1875. But Pesquet could help solve the puzzle after he saw the event at 8:17pm UK time as he flew over France.

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher 

That's consciousness for you and it's a very real thing, I respect it because I know it's real. You might not be able to see it, or feel it or even understand it, but just like you exist and just like I exist to you, and just like science, it definitely exists. It underlines everything that is real and that makes up the whole. Without the unknown, without the phenomena that we cannot see, it doesn't mean it isn't there or that it doesn't effect things. This is why science and consciousness often conflict because one want's proof that the other exists while the other one just "is" and accepts the other one no matter what.

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NASA quote:

When he says elves and sprites, he doesn’t mean the fairytale creatures – these are the names given to the different kinds of transient luminous events.

Nasa explains: ‘Upper-atmospheric lightning, known as transient luminous events, includes colorful phenomena with names straight out of a fairy tale: sprites, elves, and giants.

‘Sprites are flashes caused by electrical breakdown in the mesosphere. Blue jets are lightning discharges reaching upwards through the stratosphere, and elves are concentric rings of emissions caused by an electromagnetic pulse at the ionosphere’s bottom edge.

‘Giants are large discharges that create an electrical breakdown of the atmosphere from the top of thunderstorms to the bottom ionosphere.


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Transient luminous events, which are commonly seen in the northern hemisphere are so rare that if you had seen one before it was probably dismissed as a “spark” or just a plane. These explosions it has been found can last for minutes, rather than being a second long or classed as a "spark."

NASA has studied Sprites and Fairies including Giant's but it's not what you think it is.

Nasa is studying these events and has named the different types (DTU Space, TGF: Nasa)

Here's a fantastic video uploaded to YouTube by SciNews:


Using the Lightning Imaging Sensor (LIS) and the Atmosphere-Space Interactions Monitor (ASIM), scientists are observing transient luminous events (Blue Jets, Gigantic Jets, Red Sprites, Halos and Elves) from the International Space Station. NASA/Science@NASA/ESA

Credit: Metro News/ESA/NASA/T. Pesquet/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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