NASA Couldn't Then and Still Can't Explain This Gemini 11 Flashing UFO | Video

Believe me NASA should have known about what's up there in the immediate space around the Earth because of radar and they pretty much bragged about it.

But it's many, many decades later since September 1966. The Galactic Encounter is what this video is calling this UFO incident. And get ready, this specific UFO still hasn't been identified or explained? It was travelling along with them in the Gemini 11 capsule which was flying at 17 thousand miles per hour. By now it's enough for the astronaut Pete Conrad (With Dick Gordon) to grab a camera and start clicking away as anyone in their right mindset would do because I know what I would. And all the while one astronaut set the tone for this interesting UFO encounter because he Pete Conrad declares to NASA's control center "Houston we may really have a problem!"

Here's the extraordinary picture of the UFO at the Gemini 11 capsule traveling at 17 thousand miles per hour.

Credit: NASA Gemini 11/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

So why didn't he (Pete Conrad) say it subtle or in code or even in a pre arranged phrase as with subsequent NASA missions? Maybe it's because this is from 1966 and space is a relatively new frontier and they just haven't got a tried and tested method of communication whereby these astronauts have a clear way to tell control that they have seen a UFO or for NASA astronaut's, it's pretty much saying Extraterrestrial entities are back.

Gemini 11 capsule UFO sighting by astronaut Pete Conrad.

Credit: NASA Gemini 11/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

When the NASA archives are open to the public we'll be able to see and then know what the initial first UFO sighting was which made NASA do a double take and then admit to themselves that Extraterrestrials are here and they are real? Because one day their entire work including all the clandestine work and top secret work, including Alien craft's are all gonna be made public. It's more than likely a case of time, time will probably dictate all of declassified and released materials including everything which I have just mentioned.

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It might be released bit by bit until it's all done and released, but one day it will be allowed to be published!

The UFO that passed by the ISS in 1966 is this one.

Back to the story...

NORAD though, step's in the frame with a literal lifeline for NASA and states it's a rocket stage booster from a missile that was launched from inside and by the Soviet Union.

It just shows you that NASA will release stste secrets just to cover up a UFO sighting! Because believe me, that blooming knowledge of the US been able to film and follow the Soviet's every move was classified information!

NASA was willing to drag into it's shady shenanigans another US Government "highly secret, highly sophisticated, highly protected, highly"...

Here's the extraordinary video which shows the UFO visiting the Gemini 11 capsule:

There's plenty of evidence that shows us that there's Extraterrestrial entities in space (they've been ruled out as another countries advanced aerial technology). And let's not forget that there's more than enough UFO slash Alien evidence around the various NASA craft's over many decades. NASA doesn't know it in 1966 but these Extraterrestrial entities are apparently on the Moon watching the astronauts from the side of craters which is just a couple of years after this 1966 Gemini UFO sighting.

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So it stands to reason that ever since NASA's first steps into space there's been a constant UFO presence and hence a very real Extraterrestrial surveillance operation against humans.

Credit: wakeupnews4u YouTube Channel/NASA Gemini 11/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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