Massive Armada Of UFO Orbs In Formation Passing The ISS

There's no excuse from NASA that these are lights from cities on Earth because of you look, you'll see star's which are all still and if these are light's on Earth, we'd never be able to see the UFO Orbs.

That's just telling it how it is and you'll be able to see them if you just look for star's between the ISS and the deep dark background. We've finally got the answers I believe that shows undeniable proof of when all the UFO Orbs came to Earth.

Huge armada of Orbs passing the ISS on the live feed cameras.

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Closer look at the UFO Orbs that are passing by the ISS.

Credit: The Sun/Mrmbb333 YouTube Channel/Tyrannosnorlox/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

I love writing about UFOs because it's stuff like this which I see and it totally refocuses my own beliefs. It almost sharpens them because I'm able to come back to anchors like this specific UFO sighting and remind myself that if it wasn't for stuff like this, I'd still be believing in Santa.

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Not that there's anything wrong with believing in Santa, it's just a example of what not to believe in versus what to believe in based 9n evidence. There's absolutely no doubt whatsoever that there's star's glowing between the ISS and the background which we do all know that we shouldn't be able to see star's because they don't exist between the ISS and the Earth. Star's are far off Sun's, right?

That makes these bonafide real-life Flying Orbs in a huge armada like formation of UFOs and because the Earth isn't in the background of the video, that means that we could be witnessing the UFO Orbs arrival on Earth? This is why UFO Orbs are bloody everywhere and I mean everywhere on Earth. People are sending me UFO videos everyday and all the UFOs are Orbs.

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher 

It was July in 2021 when these UFOs was uploaded to YouTube by the channel The Sun but was actually recorded by a Reddit user called "Tyrannosnorlox" who asked "can someone please explain this?"

But also this was all backed up on July 6th 2021 by Mrmbb333 YouTube channel as he's researched this and has put a awesome video together, I'm just rounding everything off with a first beginning of the UFO sighting, the original uploader, the guy who's cross referenced it and ticked off the possibilities and that leaves the only answer that these was UFO Orbs.

But because I've been getting sent a ton of these UFO Orbs literally every single day someone sends me at least 2 videos of these Orbs. So it's absolutely amazing jaw dropping even that we can look back on history and narrow it down to July 6th 2021 when we actually can see all these UFO Orbs entering Earth and all of them are passing by the ISS - possibly putting the finger up to NASA, we didn't quite catch that part but I am suggesting that they did! They may of well have done...

Here's the first video which was caught online in July (6th) while Reddit user Tyrannosnorlox was watching the ISS live feed cameras and was uploaded to YouTube by The Sun YouTube Channel:

Here's the second video which is Mrmbb333 tying the evidence in with these UFO Orbs on the same day, coming to Earth and it was definitely, definitely not the Earth in the background and that's absolutely stunning information:

If you know anyone who would appreciate this post, please share it with them, thanks. Also if you have any thoughts and opinions on this UFO armada of Orbs, please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below, cheers.

Credit: The Sun/Mrmbb333 YouTube Channel/Tyrannosnorlox/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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  2. It’s so annoying reading articles lately, people rely on electronics and bots for way too much these days. This article is full of typos and incorrect words. Highly annoying when trying to read something.


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