The Best UFO Orb Sighting By Skywatcher_ger

You should hopefully like this silver coloured metallic UFO Orb sighting because it's got no external propulsion system whatsoever that could be keeping it in the air but it must be flying somehow, right?

I'm guessing that makes this a real bonafide Alien craft!

I absolutely love these amazing UFO Orbs (and they are amazing) because they're definitely flying, hovering and effortlessly gliding like a real UFO should be, I assume? But that's because there's no external propulsion system, there's nothing to say it's hanging from fishing line or anything else untoward so that's why I like UFO Orbs the most. Because there's no way of getting any drone technology into these Orbs which makes it likely to be real in my opinion.

It actually has happened. There are videos on YouTube of these UFO Orbs hovering, gliding and turning without any external propulsion systems and I would like to see one myself so I can actually say that I've seen a probable real Alien craft.

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher 

There's a good chance that this UFO Orb filmed over Germany is real.

Skywatcher_ger filmed s stunning UFO sighting in May of 2022.

Credit: UFO Sighting's Footage/Skywatcher_ger Instagram/UFO News YouTube Channel/Ufosfootage/Canva.

I absolutely love the UFO Orbs because they're definitely flying, hovering and effortlessly gliding like a real UFO should be. There's no external propulsion system, there's no way to suspend it from a fishing line or anything else. It is free-floating and moves around just like the UFOs that so many people claim to have witnessed. But what is a UFO Orb exactly? What makes a UFO really impressive is its ability to hover in one place without any external propulsion. No rocket engine, no jet engines, and more importantly, no strings attached for someone playing a prank with remote controlled drone tech. That's why I like the specifically metallic silver UFO Orbs the most because there's just no way that technology can fit inside of any of the UFO Orbs that I've seen online? That's if they (they been Extraterrestrials) could even get anything inside as it would need a propulsion system in our atmosphere. I think it's very likely that it is a real phenomenon and I don't think I'm alone in thinking that.

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You've got to love UFO Orbs don't you? And we watch them a lot here at UFO Sighting's Footage because we get sent a lot of photos and videos of UFO orbs. After all, everyone knows what a classic UFO should be like, right? It should be round or oval and easily capable of hovering and flying without any apparent propulsion system. Real Flying Saucers never have a jet engine sticking out of the back with afterburners on, right! So, it stands to reason that these UFO Orbs showing no signs of windows or aerials or propellers and jet engines, means that the probability of the UFO Orbs being real shoots up.

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If you follow my writings on UFO Orb sightings, you'll know I'm a big fan of the whole "UFO Orb" sighting phenomenon - those Orbs that hover, glide through the air effortlessly, often disappearing into thin air or shooting off into the distance. Sometimes they go ibto the wster and sometimes they disappear into the clouds. You can see my most recent post on UFO Orbs from earlier today which I uploaded to YouTube here.

If you were to see a UFO Orb hovering above your head one day, would this change your opinions on Alien life?

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher 

You know it might one day be hugely irresponsible to film these strange, likely Extraterrestrial entities flying vehicles. I mean, who knows what happens if you draw too much attention to them and yourself in the process by filming them? Who knows what could happen, there might even be that one case, the very first case where a person who films a UFO actually get's the wrong end of an angry Alien and regrets it. But there's just something about UFO Orbs that we all can't help but stare at and film. With their shape and their size, they're metallic spheres that seems to draw you in and they're mesmerising. Because the fact that such a small, metallic craft can fly (almost like a slow-motion aircraft) for so long makes it all the more special, doesn't it? Because it should be impossible but yet there they are!

This is why real drone technology would be very difficult to get into a metallic UFO Orb, even if it could pass unnoticed. There's no internal propulsion system so it's incapable of actually flying across thousands of miles and yet they still manage to hover motionless in the sky and also glides easily and effortlessly - like a real UFO should. In other words, I think they're real UFOs and there's no artificial propulsion system inside them. They seem that impossible that nobody would hoax these, right.

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher 

There are plenty of opportunities to see these things throughout the year. However, one interesting theory that I've come across is that UFO Orbs appear more often in southern latitudes during the summer months and more often near the equator at any time of year. Even if you don't live near the equator or southern latitudes, there are still plenty of chances to witness these fantastic anomalies. But just be patient because UFO Orbs could make their grand entrance at any time…

We don't know what these UFO orbs are. But we should keep an open mind considering the video does seem to show something very unusual in the sky over Germany. I will leave you to form your own conclusions but if that was a real UFO, then it'd be an interesting sighting, and if it wasn't then sadly another hoax has made it onto YouTube.

Here's the extraordinary video which was uploaded to YouTube by UFO News:

UFO Orb over Germany in May 2022!

The orb was moving in an unnatural way. It just floated through the air like a ghost and then it disappeared into thin air. It was so strange, but it didn't seem to be a drone or anything else that I have seen before and I've written about these for a very long time.

I am absolutely convinced that it was real because there was no way of getting any drone technology into these Orbs which makes it likely to be real in my opinion.

Please leave your thoughts and opinions on what you think about this video, cheers. Also if you can share this post I'd appreciate it.

Credit: UFO Sighting's Footage/Skywatcher_ger Instagram/UFO News YouTube Channel/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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