4 UFOs Hovering Over This Guy's Street

Here's what I'm talking about in terms of the best kind of UFO sighting that anyone could possibly hope to encounter in their lifetime.

Seriously, if you've ever thought about seeing a UFO, there's no way that you'd be thinking about a tiny little craft or a UFO that's a million miles away. No, absolutely not! You'd be thinking about this type of UFO sighting. I've asked the witness for more information but he never got back to me. It is what it is. Portland Oregon, USA.

This is probably one of the best UFO sightings that I've been sent in a very long time.

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Epic UFO sighting above guy's street.

Credit: UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News YouTube Channel/Ufosfootage/Canva.

You'd be thinking about an awesome UFO sighting like this one, right. The eye witness filmed this but never sent any information with this, but that's not a bad thing as a lot of people don't want their names connected with a UFO sighting. The eye witness got in contact with me through Instagram and as you can imagine I saw this video and I instantly thought "I wish I saw that first" but being sent it is definitely next in line to seeing one in person. Something like that anyways?

So, I was actually only sent a part of this UFO sighting which only had 2 UFOs in the video, I've gone over to the eye witnesses Instagram account and there's I think 5 separate part's to the video because he uploaded it to the reel's which pretty much chops it up into bit's and shows them that way. So here's the link to the guy's Instagram account so you can go check out all the seperate part's to this UFO sighting for yourself which I recommend that you see. It's definitely worth it. I hope that you don't dismiss incredibly good UFO sightings just because there's no information with them. In fact fake UFOs nearly alway's come with a lie like a long story about how they was blah blah - so to be honest with you, if there's no information with the UFO sighting then that means there's no lies with it. It actually means a lot more than a possible lie.

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Check out the video below which I've added an introduction to it and a decent song to go with it, with an outro and I've uploaded it to my YouTube channel UFO News, here it is:

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Sunday Night 7th August 2022:

Yeah so I was walking to my car 2 nights ago at midnight and I see those lights in the sky that stopped me in my tracks and I thought they were just big stars because they were flashing colors like how the “Sirius” star does sometimes, but then I noticed they would start to move around and mostly just hover there so that’s when I knew they weren’t stars, and someone said they could be drones but they were way bigger than the planes passing underneath them. There were at least two of them and seemed to be hovering in formation.

There’s a two minute long post on my profile that shows more but it’s too long to send through DM.

And after a while they just slowly started to drift/fly away with each other until they passed behind a tree and I couldn’t see them.

At times they appear to be hovering completely still but if you kinda fast forward the video you can see how they kinda move around very slowly.

And they were very bright and flashing many different colors.

This was in Portland Oregon, USA.

Credit: UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News YouTube Channel/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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