7 UFOs But In 2 Groups Probably Seperate Entities Altogether

This, I've never actually seen before at all anywhere on Earth that has possibly 2 Seperate groups of UFOs?

I've literally only ever seen 1 group of UFOs which if it's more that 2 UFOs then they're normally in a formation.

Here's 2 groups of UFOs with 7 UFOs in total filmed from an airplane window over a desert.

4 UFOs in this group of UFOs over the desert filmed from an airplane.

Here's 7 UFOs in total shared between 2 UFO groups with 3 in one group forming a triangle symbol. And 4 UFOs in the other group.

That's still true to this day and we can see it in this video, but there's 2 different group's in the same part of the world and they're both been filmed by the same eye witness in the airplane.

This was uploaded to Instagram by the channel "Brazil UFO network" which actually it doesn't have any information with this uploaded video. The 3 UFO Orbs in the triangular symbol is right at the beginning of the video, so if you blink for 2 seconds you'll likely miss it? Seriously it's not often that we come across a double group of UFOs at all. In fact as I've mentioned it's my first time.

I've definitely come across a double UFO sighting but never a double group of UFOs! As far as I'm aware of it's the first time? Or at least I've never come across a memorable one.

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher  

But that's not to say that we should not post about it because that's a total lack of responsibility. It would make it to the mainstream media outlets if it had a calling card or an attachment with a weekly planner. About where it'll be or what the next days rosta is.

Anyways, as I say it's a first time for me in as far as that it's got 2 set's of very different types of UFOs in the same UFO video.

There's what seems to be a UFO Orb formation with 3 UFO Orbs in a triangle symbol above the wing and to the top left of the screen. And its so strange because then camera pans back a bit and glances over to the right where a further 4 very different UFO formation is practically waiting for it's own cameo!

Then the 4 UFOs begin to glow and what seems like the UFOs are flying to the side but that's probably just the camera being unsteady in the eye witnesses hands? Either way it's really hard to keep it steady and in focus because it's a long distance between the airplane and the UFOs above, and below.

As above, so below.

That's what comes to my mind. The airplane is above what looks like a desert so it really doesn't matter where it is because it's over a very, or should I say "extremely desolate place" that been over the scorching desert.

All desert's are hot, unforgiving places with hardly any if at all residents.

Credit: Brazilufonetwork Instagram.

If you've seen something like this UFO sighting before please let us know in the comments section below, and please can you share this post, thanks.

Credit: UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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  1. 1978 i was on a quantas flight to Sydney, we left Honolulu just 4 hours into our flight, the captain came on the PA system and announced , THIS IS YOUR CAPTAIN SPEAKING, if you would look out from the right of the plane you will see a UFO. After a few minutes i heard people on the plane saying oh my god look at that oh my God. I decided to go have a look my self, I was seated on the left rear of the 747 plane , so I got up and scooted across the center row of seats and took off down the right aisle i was looking out the right row of windows, until I got to the 5th row of windows back of the right wing, there I seen this saucer shaped UFO flying just below us at what appears to be 50 ft below us as big as our right wing, it flue just slightly faster then us so I got a good look at its construction, it looked as if it was punched out from a press, no seams no rivets shaped like a upside down saucer slightly raised towards the center with a big black band along the edge, no windows, the color was metalic grey,

  2. Are they not just lights on the hillside?


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